Friday , January 15 2021

Opava, after 22 years at home, comes to Ostrava

Petr Sznapka, CTK

Opava almost came practically from the first event. Smola runs to the end and fired near the left bar. But he had already scored a shot with a high flag. Just a short time later, he burned before the Srom. Rough with a pull, Kayamby was eliminated, sent the ball to Baroš, who shot from the turn and the goalkeeper Opavský hit the ball. After the next center, Captain Baník put it in the air and cut the thesis. However, Opava Gate was lost.

Another opportunity was Opava. The center of Zapatec came out of the direct launch to Laštůvka to Kuzmanovič, who quickly fired the volley, with his wound that the keeper of Ostrava advised. But the task is over. After the pit, Fleisán doubted, and the fast Kayamba was against Laštůvka, who cleared himself with a clever dwarf and led by Opava.

After an hour, Sindelar fired in front of Baník Kuzmanovich and Opava was in a solid position. The ball leaned against Zavadil, but his shot struck in the left foot was caught by Laštůvka. Shortly after the Opava team celebrated the second success. Free space opened before Hrabinou, defender Oppal sent a fluid center to Smol's assault and Slezský FC sent a ball behind Laštůvka.

Opava had the opportunity to increase the score. After the center of firing of Smola had lost the Kuzmanovič piece, he went to the net. The Zapalèch did not arrive.

In the end, Ostrava pressed, sending two assailants to the Shasin brothers. Ondřej Šašinka had his descent, but his injury was blocked. A moment later, at the corner of Hruby, Jakub Šašinka went through the final and with a head perfectly placed to the nearest pauck he reduced the difference of a single goal. The conclusion of the party, however, Opava managed to defeat the defeat.

15th Round of the First Football League:
SFC Opava – Banik Ostrava 2: 1 (1: 0)
Goalkeeper: 35. Kayamba, 65. Smola – 84. J. Shašinka. Referee: Ardeleanu – Mokrusch, Caletka. ŽK: Svozil, Schaffartzik – Fleisman, Laštůvka, Baroš, Mešaninov, Stronati. Viewers: 6385 (Out of stock).
Opava: Srom – Hrabina, Simersky, Svozil, Žídek – Kayamba, Zavadil, Jursa (87. Schaffartzik), Zapalac – Kuzmanovich (90. Janetzký), Smola (90. + Juřena 2). Coach: Kopecký.
Ostrava: Laštůvka – Mešaninov, Šindelář, Stronati, Fleišman (71. J. Šašinka) – Son (81. Stáňa), Jánoš (62. O. Šašinka), Jirásek, Holzer – Hrubý, Baroš. Coach: Pán.

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