Sunday , February 28 2021

Stay and enjoy yourself. Scooter at the fourth celebration of celebration

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You should not be an admirer of the first half of the 90s and nkm, which in the puberty honestly did not see Eso and Tereza Pergner, and you will still be there. High blonde platinum with a little out of sight H.P. Baxxter is on the quarterback frontman of the Nmeck Scooter band.

Its first television is connected with wheelchairs of the discos. Fire, how's the fish? The Age of Love. But so Ballad Break It Up and cover version of Rebel Yell.

The slave scooter has been active for 25 years on a special turn called 100% Scooter 25 Years Wild & Wicked, which has only two stops in ns. The first concert will be celebrated on crack Karň Karne, the second concert in Ostrava. The great admirers of Mother can expect the best in history, promised by H. P. Baxxter.

The band, who for so many years with so many personal changes, is the only original Baxxter, released a compilation album last year that has the same name as the turn.

We did not do a historical anthology, but a compilation of 25 years with music of joy, the frontman of the album TD, where the hits of the band are full of chronology. I think most of our followers do not analyze during the show, what is the album or this is the composer. Prost so, enjoy and rejoice in music, says Baxxter, confirming that Scooter's production has always been a great emotion and fun for its youngsters and followers.

I am very pleased with the fans of the generation, especially in Germany and in other countries. Our fans are left and their children go, answering the question of how the public rumored behind the band.

There is no inspiration

The Scooter is associated with many tanning styles, but it has fallen over its pop surface. Not yet published a single In Rave We Trust refers to which of the Scooter hls puppies. Yes, we really have raves, but we have styles. And if there's any way we could use our music? I do not know, we do not have that inspiration, "said Baxxter.

Since the band released a new album for two years, the band has been inspired in the last two years. Things grow and we do. I do not think it's today what it is. I just love music, Baxxter.

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