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Tailor over the Bologna crisis: put it on my ass, now I appreciate playing more

Is the player enjoying a performance match any longer?
"Pleasure is the same, I liked it before, but the player values ​​it much more. The time that was not here has been long and I missed it. Whenever it was a nation, I felt that I was not there and I can not help."

What was the pause?
"I did not play anything during the last season. There were only a few games when I entered, just for a moment. Absolutely, I understood that a player without a game can not carry at the expense of the players that play. But you would have to ask a coach. like that. "

In Bologna, were the best children in your position?
"If I were a better steam, I would probably play. I asked a coach, what was the problem, whether I loved bad or what to do more. He told me that I was training well, but that there was a lot of competition and that I had to wait for my chance. Keeping that up, I've been training, you can not do more. "

How did you break it?
"A new coach arrived. I talked to him before the season, he told me if there was any chance to win or prefer other players because I would not like to sit for two consecutive years between the substitutes. The coach told me that he would definitely have the opportunity. I felt that confidence would come. So it depends on me that you use it. You also want us to have the results, because if the results are not, the coach is mixing the team. But if you win, then the coach of the report will confirm. The results will come because we have quality in the team. We are not a team to play the title, but we have a table in between. But we can not take the matches to the final winner. "Colapsa.

Will he help him in a 2-2 win over the weekend match in Verona?
"It was after a long time. Each player increased self-esteem by participating in the goalkeeper. I gave the center and teammate they cleared the head. It was 2: 2 in an important match with Chievem, who is the last. We wanted to win, failed, but It's important that we take at least one point. "

Are you surprised when you have an opportunity against the big clubs of AS Roma and Juventus?
"The first games I expected was an opportunity against AS Roma. It's better for me to jump into this match because I want to play against big teams from now on and now I have the opportunity and I have to fight. He helped me a lot of gaining and trusting. great "

Who helped mentally get out of your stupid thoughts when you did not play?
"They are not really stupid thoughts. From Monday to Friday you are running, but Friday is behind the ears that will not be on the set. So someone is broken, Saturday confirmed, but it helps me to go home as a wife or I was writing with My friends who told me that I was fattening that I was in Serie A. The first season was great, good peace. I did not find out that because I simply played the same way I did in Sparta and reached me normal. But the second season helps me Command that it is not normal that when you play, you should appreciate it and make sure someone does not get it. "

Have you ever said in Bologna that it is pointless?
"I'm not going to claim to be positive all the time. Of course, I thought I should leave in January to try something else. But then I get to training, try to model the game and I can see that I have that, although the coach believes in others. , Bologna wants to be a city and it is easier to turn my head off, to go to the city with my friends. It's a nice atmosphere with good weather. Of course, if I were somewhere where I was ugly and it was raining, I would like to stay home, And it was more unfavorable. Of course, I had the thoughts, but there was always someone who supported me that Serie A did not fight without fighting. "

Did you have any offer at the table?
"Not specifically on the table. Only the director had fun with Bologna, who and how they always said that Bologna did not count on me. That's why I thought leadership has me and believes in me."

Did you how difficult it is to get out of the way and follow it regularly?
"You can also lose your position here in Bohemia and not play. What I learned abroad is the difference of waiting for a long time and then you will have a game and it must go out. If it does not work, you are waiting for it again and for more time than The first time, as I said about the concierge, it's more about the fact that you start to appreciate the fact that you can play, start from the beginning. When I left Sparta and I was playing in the first year, I think it's normal to continue. next year, I appreciate much more than basically game. "

Schick in Bologna? Who does not want it?

Is Serie A heavier than before?
"It's the same, but it's more publicized due to Cristian Ronald, who made a boom there. The Italian league is on the rise, but it would be harder to push, I do not know. I had a problem in moving forward, it's another football for him Here it does not go up. Here and the team that loses, it does not open and bet that it sets a goal or standard. "

Christian grew up in your eyes?
"Clearly, not only to win Serie A, but to get out of his comfort zone in Real, where he was in the position and won trophies. And in his years he goes to a team where he has to fight again, where there is another competition, another mentality ".

Have you heard about Boni's interest in Patrick Schick?
"I do not know. No one of the leaders asked me to ask him. But Patrik proved to be a great quality and that was a great talent, then whoever will not want it on the team."

In the national team, you find yourself with some 92-year-old colleagues who played in Sparta for a long time. Is the return to representation more pleasant?
"We were having lunch and we met and we greeted. I am very happy to be here with the young people who spent my childhood and arrived at the concierge here. These are great things, I am glad that they are here, and you can lean on them. You are just at home, You can not support anyone. Your friend encourages him before the game, kicked him, knows what will help you. This is good. "

How does Slovakia plan?
"I played the first game in the game against them. In Olomouc we won 2: 1, I won the Lafima goal. It's a derby, a complicated game. I had the opportunity to see the first game, the Slovakians have a good spot, it was a Excellent scenario. I think that Eden will be even better and there will be many spectators who support us. Personally, if it were not a concierge, I would like to see the game. I would definitely sit on television and watch. Many people take it as a derby. It will be great. "

What do you think about the Czech victory against Slovakia?
"I think this could happen again, and again, the best times that people used to see at the Navy before. And it was like a child of the Nation, they were excellent games and experiences. All the children here wanted nothing more than trying what I experienced as a child on the platform when I played in the summer with Holland and win was a great experience and I remember so far. We would definitely want to continue and start the line to give us a sense of respect and the impression that when a farmer plays, there will be a full stage and people will wait anxiously ".

Do you think it's your generation that you get the Nation?
"I will answer a little differently. We have just called with a friend who no longer plays soccer at that level. We talked about, I say that wife, how she has, what baby. Then we stopped and said, because we were in Strahov just before, kicking a wall there and bathing in the showers after training and suddenly we are dealing with children and women. You're right that I reached the age when I was in the middle generation. But they're not just 92-year-olds, I do not mean that, but we should be able to assume responsibility ".

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