Thursday , January 28 2021

The illegal design of millions of euro denominations gave hundreds of thousands of punishments – ČT24 – Czech Television

In place of 12 years in prison that threatened the accused together, the court imposed fines for 300 thousand crowns. The penalty was granted to the former head of the Control and Payment Department of ROP, Charles Holoubek, to pay 100 thousand crowns. The businessman Jaroslav Šesták will pay 200 thousand crowns. In the case of non-payment, a prison sentence of 200 days was imposed.

The court was found guilty of manipulating the monitoring report on the Morava pension in Otrokovice, where they distorted data on the occupation of the facility. According to the sentence, they were hampered by the financial interests of the European Union. The processes of other crimes were Holoubek and Šesták, as well as other people and companies that were convicted before the court.

According to the file, Holoubek used his colleagues of knowledge and information at work. Unlike the regulations of the European Union, it helped to raise and exhaust the applicants of subsidies for the construction of facilities of accommodation in the Zlin region. He said in court that he had not done anything that damaged the office.

According to Senator Radomír Koudel, Šesták admitted in his written statement about illegal behavior. "Any distortion in the case of a subsidy program is a crime. Holoubek denies this, but the monitoring reports are not ambiguous. The commission of this crime is fully demonstrated, as required by jurisprudence," said Koudela.

Holoubek held the deadline for the appeal, Šesták did not participate in the announcement. The deputy prosecutor did not comment on the sentence. In the case of new offenses, the court ruled the exemption for lack of evidence or decided not to commit.

Agreed: Thousands received compensation, not a bribe

Holoubek, however, admitted that he was wrong with the code of ethics of the former employer, such as his former colleagues, Antonín Hajdušek and Hana Strnadelová. The crime commission they were accused did not know about either. The financial amounts of the order of several thousand Czech crowns received from applicants for subsidies for assistance in their administration were perceived as compensation for the time of handling the documents. They refused to be a bribe.

The defendants were prosecuted for abuse of official authority, bribes, damages to the financial interests of the European Union, bribes and negotiation of an advantage in the concession of a public contract, a public tender and a public auction.

The applicant previously stated that it was not established that the conduct of the defendants influenced the process of approval and granting of a subsidy. According to her, the ROP staff made an effort to earn a living. However, the misuse of the officer's authority failed to prove the accused.

Through the Central Moroccan ROP, EU subsidies flowed to the regions of Olomouc and Zlin. Real estate executives, according to the prosecution, have illegally requested subsidies for five projects for more than 82 million crowns. They managed to obtain about 50 million crowns, one of the projects did not receive support. The illicit inconveniences consisted, for example, in the influence of the selection procedure for the winner of a construction contractor or the falsification of data on the financial health of the company, as the report writes. The criminologists found that the illegal acquisition of subsidies lasted from 2008 to 2015.

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