Friday , June 18 2021

3 million pounds. Ahmad Muslimi donated a field to establish a high school in his village

Western – Marwa Shahin:

General Chief Hisham Al-Saeed, governor of the Western media and former adviser to President of the Republic, Ahmad Al-Musallmani, received in his office.

Al-Musallamani announced that it donated a land of 1,200 square meters to build the first middle school in its hometown of Kafr El-Dawar, the center of Basion in the province of Gharbia.

Al-Maslami is the owner of the Sheikh Mohammed Al-Muslamani Foundation, the largest charity in the province of Gharbia, which provides services to people from the orphan marriage district, the treatment of patients who can not pay the debts of the Garamat and has established many projects Beneficiaries of libraries and purification centers for drinking water. Salafar

Mohammed Atef, the general supervisor of the association, said that the plot next to the Muslim village, and decided to donate it to establish a school to serve the villages of the town.

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