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Adel Hamed appointed Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Egypt

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Telecom Egypt announced the appointment of Eng. Adel Hamed as CEO and executive director of the company. The government changed some of its representatives on the board of directors under the prime minister's decision.

The new board held a meeting on Thursday, which approved the appointment of engineer Adel Hamed as the successor of Ahmed Al-Beheiry, in line with the State plan to promote the National Initiative for Digital Transformation in which Telecom Egypt plays a strategic role .

"The selection of Hamed as Chief Executive Officer is a confirmation of the trust given to the company's staff and what is required in the next phase of full familiarity with all the company's business and operational details," said the statement.

The changes of the government representatives in the new board included the appointment of the commander-in-chief Tariq Mohammed Abdullah Al-Zaher as the successor of commander-in-chief Ashraf Mohamed Farid and the appointment of Englishman Hossam Abdullah Musa Al-Jamal as the successor to Englishman Amr Abdul Rashid Mansour.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Majid Othman said: "The Board of Directors chose Mr. Adel Hamed as Managing Director and Chief of a main directorate of the Company for his long and distinguished experience and strong history to guide the company towards digital transformation."

"His primary role and pioneer in the business and in the work of international cable systems allowed him to serve as the Executive Vice President of International Affairs and Operators to be the ideal candidate to take advantage of Telecom Egypt's assets and maximize its revenue within the framework of the strategy of digital transformation ".

"I would also like to thank the former members of the board for their efforts that added a lot to the company and we look forward to providing more to serve this great institution in the next Council period."

Engineer Adel Hamed said: "I am eager to devote all my efforts and energy to boost this successful company to achieve its objectives. We are at an important moment in the development of the telecommunications sector. I will have a distinguished team of employees of Telecom Egypt to optimize Opportunities and achieve greater growth based on our strength and interdependence. "

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