Thursday , October 28 2021

And 10 years for a housewife because her husband was killed in Qalyubiya


The Shubra el-Kheima Criminal Court, led by Minister Mohamed Nasr El-Din Barakat and the members of the Counselors Ashraf Gamal El-Din, Mohamed Farid Abdelaziz and Ahmed Abdullah, punished a worker and housekeeper with 25 years of life during the first and 10 years for the second kill the second husband because of the threat of his victim for divorce because of his pregnancy in "Free of him for fear of divorce.

Lieutenant Colonel Marwan al-Husseini, head of the Al Qanater police headquarters, received a message from the inhabitants of the village of Kharqaniya. The 54-year-old apartment, Majdi, entered the village and broke his head with an iron machine.

The investigation concluded that the victim had been married more than once and gave birth to six daughters and two children. Recently he married the accused and when he was pregnant, found that his daughter had a daughter who followed her and decided to divorce after his birth. The woman accepted that a worker would kill him after he was forced to sign a security deposit of 50,000 pounds. The worker agreed with the wife about 10 thousand pounds for the implementation of the task and went to the apartment of the victim and was assaulting holding a piece of iron in his hand and asked him to sign the receipt of the secretariat blank and when he refused to hang up with head with an iron until it was destroyed.

Following the legalization of the trial, the accused, 30-year-old Ahmed A., were arrested and 35-year-old Ashgan M. was arrested by the prosecution and ordered the trial.

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