Sunday , November 29 2020

Home Egypt | Mutaz Abdel Fattah: America deals with Arab countries with the logic of "Ai of the defeated"

Moataz Abdel-Fattah, professor of political science at the Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences at Cairo University, said the United States is dealing with Arab countries with the logic of "ai of the defeated."

He added during his interview with the media Lubna Assal, the introduction of the "Life Today", transmitted via satellite "life", on Tuesday night, that the Arabs lost many opportunities during the previous decades, highlighting the need to postpone the losses in the current period, instead of losing everything.

"All the repeated news about the Arab countries are negative, and everyone is trying to benefit from them, especially Trump and Israel. When we change the balance of power, we can find decisions against the decisions of the United States in the international community."

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