Thursday , January 21 2021

How to treat sciatica in 6 stages

Dr. Mahmoud Abdullah, Orthopedic, Fracture, Joints and Orthodontics Consultant at the Matareya Teaching Hospital and member of the Egyptian Orthopedics Society said that sciatica is the nerve compression that feeds the lower extremity due to cartilage, two types, an acute and another chronic. Its main symptoms include:


Back pain

Burning in the lower back, behind the knee, leg and foot.

– In chronic cases there is numbness and weakness of the muscles.

Dr. Mahmoud Abdullah emphasized that the treatment of sciatica according to the diagnosis of the case is a treatment of acute and urgent drugs to reduce inflammation of the nerves and assess the situation after the disappearance of acute inflammation, but if the situation is a chronic treatment it is a treatment of sliced ​​cartilage.

Sciatica 2

The orthopedic consultant explained that the treatment of the cartilage slide includes:

1 – Surgical intervention if there is continuous or weak muscle.

2. Reduce weight

3 – The work of physiotherapy

4 – strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen at home

5 – Drugs include painkillers, anti-inflammatories and vitamins that strengthen the muscles.

6 – Permanent maintenance of domestic longevity exercises.

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