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Including tomatoes and green tea. The 10 foods to maintain the health of … Masrawy

Including tomatoes and green tea. The 10 foods to keep healthy skin

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Many women focus on treating skin problems that use creams and lotions that apply directly to the skin, without paying attention to the fact that the basic care routine should start from within the body.

The skin needs a variety of essential nutrients, which are obtained through healthy and nutritious meals. The following are the most important foods, according to Top 10 Home Remedies:

1- Orange


Vitamin C-rich is essential for the production and repair of skin cells.

2 – almonds


A source of vitamin E nourishes the skin and protects it from sunlight.

3. Avocados


The body provides vitamins and minerals that protect against wrinkles.

4 – berries


Promotes the amount of collagen that keeps the skin young.

5. Tomatoes


Its acidic properties eliminate acne and skin problems.

6- It has green

Green tea

It involves spinach, psoriasis and wrinkles and protects against sunburn.



It contains vitamin A that prevents cellular damage and premature aging.

8. Dark chocolate

8. Dark chocolate

Its flavonoids protect against harmful sunlight.

9. Salmon

9. Salmon

Nourish the skin and fight inflammation, blockage of pores and wrinkles.

10. Eggs

The eggs

Strengthens skin elasticity and helps the growth of new skin cells.

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