Friday , June 18 2021

Remas returns to the artistic scene with "New Album"

The famous diamond singer of the Primas Gulf returns to sing after a long absence from the artistic scene with a new album, expressing his happiness after suffering a health crisis and recently underwent surgery abroad.

Remas said that he is currently finalizing the songs of his new album with his technical team, under the direction of the composer Walid Mounir, to be put on the market during the next days.

She confirmed that the album includes a collection of songs in Egyptian dialects, gulf and shami through new musical styles.

Branches began his career with a Gulf album titled "Wounded Shruak." Then, in 2011, he presented an album with a music company entitled "Zaaltak", in which he filmed two songs in the form of a video clip: Za & # 39; Altak and Murtat Mustafa, directed by Jamil Jamil Maghazi.

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