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Report … What happens if Union of the ball has applied Hazem Imam?

There are many phenomena in the Egyptian league, especially the change of trainers during the season, and the result is the transfer of coaches between clubs during the season, and that is no different from the idea of ​​hiring clubs with more than one coach per season.

In exchange for the last year, especially in January, Hazem Imam, member of the Board of the Federation of Soccer, proposed during a television interview in DMC the idea of ​​not taking any technical director to more than two teams in a single season,

Imam said that this proposal will provide the opportunity to introduce the new faces of Egyptian football coaches and will not be limited to certain names that move between clubs.

This season saw more than one coach of the technical leadership of more than one team this season, they are Hossam Hassan and Muamen Suleiman and Tariq Yahya and Ali Maher took the technical leadership of the 9 teams.
We will see the quarterfinals of this season this season.

Hossam Hassan

Hossam Hassan started his training career this season on the top of the Egyptian list and reached the semifinals of the Confederation before delivering the championship to Vita Club. The brigade resigned from the formation of Al-Borseidi before facing Ismaili in the 12th round of the league to assume as successor to Ricardo La Volpe. But it did not last long in spite of not losing any game, but the draw with Zamalek 3-3 accelerated to His departure to be the last encounter with his second team.

Faraj Amer announced the signing of Hossam Hassan to take over the Smouha team. The team will meet Al-Masri, who took charge of the start of the season during the 26th round of the tournament.

The believer Solomon

Mehmet Sulaiman assumed the successor to Petrojet in November 2018. He did not stay for more than three months with the oil team to leave due to bad results after losing Al-Masri 0-1 in the 20th round.

In February, Al-Nujoom announced the signing of Sulaiman to replace Ahmed Sami. In the event that a believer is at the end of the season with his current team, he could meet with his former Petrojet team during the second round.
The star team is Suleiman's second team this season after Petrojet.

Tariq Yahya

Tariq Yahya has been training Petrojet since the beginning of the season, which began in August 2018. He did not continue with the team to leave in November 2018 after losing the stars 2-3 points in the 13th week of the Premier League. In the same month, Smouha for his contract with Yahya to take over the team until the end of the season.

But Tarek Yahya did not last long with Smouha because he did not get any victory during the matches he had with the team during the league, apart from his farewell for the Cup after losing penalty against the Union of Alexandria and then decided to resign and leave the second team that was He ordered the technique this season, after he submitted his resignation in January 2019.

It was a short-lived experience with Smouha, who has not stayed with the team for more than three months. The party saw a confrontation with its former Petrojet team, but lost the game 0-1. After the departure of Tarek Yahia, Smouha has not yet played a team.

Ali Maher

Maher assumed the task of leading Smouha from the start of the season and fought with them during the preparatory period before the start of the league, but Maher decided to resign from the team so they would leave in November 2018 and Maher suffered with just one loss before of the 1-2 contractors, their matches with the Alexandria team before El Gouna finished with a 1-1 draw.

In November 2018, Enby announced his contract with Ali Maher to lead the tanker team during a season and a half, replacing former coach Khaled Metwally.

Maher met with his former team Smouha during his leadership of Enbe, but the tie was dominated by the tie.

Taking into account the list of trainers, if Hazem Imam's proposal was applied, Hossam Hassan would not have permission to conduct Semouha training, and would not have the chance that these coaches, Maher and Suleiman and Tariq Yahya, were in the technical direction of none third team this season. But the inability to implement this decision opens the door to these names and others to assume more than two clubs in one season, as happened in Dean to train the Alexandria team.

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