Friday , June 18 2021

The governor of Dakahlia meets the leaders of East and West Mansoura and is led by immediate instructions

Dr. Kamal Sharobim, the governor of Dakahlia, met with the leaders of the East and West Mansoura district, during which he made several observations about what he saw on the streets of Mansoura for violations of the road in most streets and the low level of cleaning in some of them and Insufficient lighting, especially the side streets and the existence of numerous illegal protrusions. Most of the streets.

Sharubim underlined the need to work immediately to increase the efficiency of streets in terms of lighting and cleaning and immediate disposal of random hits and to study the needs of citizens of the blows that will be made in accordance with the engineering assets.

He also stressed the importance of immediately eliminating the abuses of coffee and shop owners and taking all legal measures against offenders.

He also stressed in his meeting with the leaders of East and West Mansoura the need to return the pavement as an authentic pedestrian right, Sharobim said that the evaluation of the heads of neighborhoods and cities will be through their work on the streets among the citizens.

He noted that the presence on the streets will work to eliminate all violations, which leads to better traffic, in order to facilitate the traffic crisis and the accumulation of streets by cars, which represent a permanent complaint of citizens.

He summoned the governor of Dakahlia to exert more efforts and make the defaulters responsible irrespective of their positions.

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