Thursday , March 4 2021

Vieira gives the Ismail players two days of rest. A statement from the administration to contain the wrath of the masses

Youssef Vieira, Ismaili's first football coach, decided to give his players a negative rest of 48 hours during the international agenda.

The team will rest for 10 days after a series of pressure matches adversely affect the results and loss of the efforts of several players for injuries.

Ismaili's board of directors, headed by Ibrahim Osman, issued a statement after the team lost border guards.

The statement reads as follows:

– We understand the amount of public anger in the recent period there are reasons for the decrease in the results, we assume how a course card is part of it and the other part can be remedied quickly, especially that there is time to reorient the path and retrieve the wins again.

– Since our return to the management of Ismail affairs, we have managed to solve many of the financial and administrative crises that the club faced in recent years, as well as the team won the second place in the local league competition last season, after the absence of many years of presence in the gold box and qualifying for Africa of the Champions League and was chosen The team to participate in the Zayed Cup for Champions Clubs, that we have been able to qualify as the 32 role and there is a clear opportunity to return to classify for the next round against Raja Casablanca Morocco.

– At the beginning of this season, Algerian coach Khairuddin Madawi was signed, who has a distinguished biography and a history of titles and championships, among which African and Super African championships stand out. The board provided all the requirements of foreign players who requested their participation, but failed to achieve the desired objectives.

– The contract was signed with Brazilian Josep Vieira, known for his competence and knowledge in the Egyptian, Arab and African stadiums. The board of directors, headed by the Englishman Ibrahim Osman, has met all his needs. The team already achieved positive results after their return, but the team in the last two games suffered a decline in results due to the absence of seven. Key elements of the team for different reasons.

"Our goal from the return is to take the dervishes again to the podiums. This is the goal that we will not give up and we will fight, especially because the team is linked to the Cup of Egypt, where we qualify for the quarterfinals, apart from Zayed Cup for Champions and Champions League.

The board, which is in a permanent session, has made several decisions aimed at correcting and correcting the course quickly and resolving all the crises faced by the team.

– A meeting was held with Brazilian coach Vieira to know their needs during the next transfer period, which asked that the contract of five players in different centers be at a high level and could achieve the complement and technical development of the team and has already been hired Colombian player and a nationality of a country African countries are offensive and negotiations are underway to end the other offers before the launch of the Mercato winter in coordination with technical personnel.

– We are sure that the great admirers will continue to support the team with all the strength and passion to overcome this difficult stage, which we consider as the number one of the team and the main motivation for players to shine and restore the distinctive results again and return to podium after a long absence.

– In conclusion, we do not encourage us to take responsibility for our presence at the board of directors, so do not forget that we are fans of the team before taking on current positions and enjoying the bitterness that feels right now and we will strive to return the team to the normal position that We all seem fanatical before being a member of the board, which is achieved through concerted efforts and stay behind the old entity to overcome this difficult stage as soon as possible.

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