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When I return from England, it will not be "Assiuti"

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Ramadan Sobhi: When I return from England, it will not be "Assiuti previously," citing the site of Masrawy, on Monday, November 12, 2018.

Books – Mohammed Faramawi:

Ramadi Subhi, who plays for Huddersfield, said that if he returns to the Egyptian league, he will be made through the door of Al Ahly, not the former Assiuti.

"There is no basis for the possibility of returning to another league team," Sobhi said in an interview with On Sport.

"The biggest club in Africa and the Middle East, I played for a great club and when I left, my destiny to the biggest league in the world was the English Premier League."

"When I return, I return to the great club, Al Ahly, and not the former Assiuti with respect to all its former owners."

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Source: Masrawy

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