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Detective trailer Pikachu: totally nuts, completely perfect

MeIn the early years, we seemed unable to breathe without the announcement of another dark and nervous remake of a classic children's cartoon. He was the age of Transformerswhat a horrible thing Ball of the Dragon movie, and M Night Shyamalan thinking it could somehow better Avatar: The Last Airbender.

But after all dark ages must come an age of enlightenment, and Detective Pikachu serves to be our next rebirth. If I were told as a child that the Pokémon CGI realistic in a futuristic mega-would my engine work, I would not believe it. Now, in 2018, it is the only thing that goes through me in winter.

First and foremost: the premise of the movie is not as arbitrary as it may seem. While Ryan Reynolds plays a Rodent Detective in a live action, the Western Pokémon movie may seem like a random card. Detective Pikachu The franchise has passed a few years now. The whole game was released this year, but a shorter taste of the final product has been playing since 2016.

The games and the movie feature many mutual traits: both are set in Ryme City. Both have a boy named Tim Goodman who lost his father and is able to understand the Pokachu's avuncular language. Both have a female sex partner who is a journalist, although the character of the movie has a Psyduck while the game Emilia had no one. Both also characterize the Pokémon being extraordinarily aggressive in a city where Pokémon and people live in harmony.

Keep in mind that in games, this is caused by a drug generated from a strong gene in Mewtwo. You can remember that the telekinetic humanoid of the first Pokémon animated movie, which all the children saw in theaters and screamed when Ash briefly turned the stone. There is still no evidence that it appears in this movie, but it is the center of the plot of the original.

The trailer does not give much of rent beyond the previous similarities. Instead, it deals with a lot of cartoons with some of the Pokémon that we will see in the movie. With enough intelligence, the trailer – if not the movie – focused on some of the first 151, and the later generations make remarkable appearances in the background. The only late arrival we see is Frog-ninja Greninja, while the rest of the scenes focus on Jigglypuff, Mr. Mime and Charizard.

All the familiar Pokémon seem a bit strange due to the fact that the movie has decided to go to the city at CGI: anyone who imagines that Jigglypuff would be hairy instead of elastic is about to have a scream to wake up, seeing the anthropomorphic Pokémon as Mr. . Mime along with normal humans is, at best, disconcerting. Some images that came out of the Pokémon models show the level of detail to make everything look like their original source.

However, it makes sense: if you want to create the illusion of Pokémon and people who live in the same world, the monsters will have to approach what we could see if we go out to nature. And, in the end, it was the love of Satoshi Tajiri to collect mistakes that inspired the game in the first place, so that the nature of real life always had a place in the Pokémon biology.

In this way: the real fan of Pokemon was a thing and always attracts an audience. It turns out that RJ Palmer, one of the best in this field of special niche, is really used as an artist in the movie.

Having a Pikachu speaker may also seem like a strange choice, especially after a controversial scene between days 20 and 20. – Animated movie featured a Pikachu speaker and no one was just satisfied.

However, the creators of the game made it very clear that speaking Pokémon were always part of the series plan, and not just Digimon. According to an interview with the team behind Detective Pikachu, it turns out that Pokémon's original anime could have featured all the Pokémon talking. However, the developer of the game, Game Freak, was not satisfied with all the proposed attempts and therefore only what Meowth spoke did the cut.

But perhaps the most uplifting part of the trailer is the great amount of Easter eggs for the long-term fans of the game. It does not appear to be a poster, billboard or neon poster that does not contain a reference to something in the series, and even music has leitmotifs brought directly from the original score. This is clearly a movie that has been developed by a team with a real passion for the world in which it is set, and not just people who want to take advantage of a successful franchise with little or no interest in their tradition.

When dealing with a loved property like Pokémon, who is now over 20 years old, takes lots of cojones and a lot of research. The tasks they are taking, and how they are paid, show a group of people who know how to push the envelope and how to lean to what they are doing. Does the movie appeal to everyone? Probably not. But it seems to be the best way to bring a childhood classic into a more mature and realistic setting for fans who have grown up with her.

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