Tuesday , October 19 2021

News from Liverpool: the sculptor who made the statue of Mohamed Salah explains why he went wrong


The statue of Mohamed Salah is not a great simplicity (EPA / Getty)

The sculptor behind the ample statue of Mohamed Salah revealed why it was so bad.

Egyptian artist Mai Abdel Allah unveiled his statue at Liverpool at the World Youth Forum in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

But his effort was very mocked of social networks and was unfavorably compared to the famous bust Cristiano Ronaldo who was ridiculed last year.

When speaking about the criticism he received, Abdel Allah admitted that he was not completely satisfied with the final product and claimed that a part of the creation of the statue had been taken out of hand.

The statue of Salah was presented in Egypt (AP Photo)
The sculptor of the statue of Salah admits that he is not satisfied with the way he was (AP Photo)

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She said: "Bronze did not do justice and had no hand to pour [the mold] in bronze because bronze can only be poured into specific places in Egypt and sculptors can not do it on their own.

"I welcome all the criticisms that this statue has received.

"This is natural because an artist is subject to various tastes but I am not happy with the final product of the statue."

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