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The former regional president charged the unrest in Ethiopia

Ethiopian prosecutors on Wednesday accused the former president of the Somali region of inciting violence, state media reported.

The charges against Abdi Mohamed Omar and another 46 years follow three days of clashes last August that killed 58 people and were injured 266, according to figures published by Ethiopia's lawyer general last week.

Abdi, better known as Abdi Iley, was arrested later that month after leaving the presidency of the region.

Prosecutors said yesterday that Abdi would be accused of sponsoring a group of young people who carried out atrocities, including violations, during the fighting.

"People were killed in violence, as well as the displacement of several people, damages caused to public and private property," said Fana Broadcasting Corporate affiliated with the state, citing the legal documents.

The identities of the other 46, who face the same charges, are still unclear, but the prosecutor general said that last week six people had been detained and 40 remained for the most part, Fana reported.

The Southeast region of Somalia is the second largest in Ethiopia, but also one of the most unstable. The rights groups repeatedly accused the administration of abusive abuses by Abdi.

Its fall followed the launching of the Ethiopian army in the regional capital, which caused looting and attacks of maladies to non-Somali residents.

Violence was the most severe in the Somali region since 2017, when confrontations between Somalis and the oral neighbors along the borders of their demarcated ethnic states forced 1.1 million people of their homes and left hundreds of dead.

The fall of Abdi came months after the inauguration of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed last April, who pledged to repress against human rights abusers.

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