Saturday , April 17 2021

The selection of Wayne Rooney England takes the shirt

The biggest challenge facing international football is to convince followers that it is still relevant. So, who had the brilliant idea to give Wayne Rooney 120th England next week against the United States?

The cynical opinion is that the FA thinks that the presence of the DC United player will sell some more tickets for an unbearable encounter. Mine Gareth Southgate's message to England's new promising that there are no cheap caps.

The main justification is that the game will raise money for the charity foundation of Rooney. Few would be against it. A sensible solution would be for England's scorer to enter the channel before the game, accept an apothecary from an FA bigger and take applause before retiring to the posts. Instead of that, he will be taking a step from a squad member who intends to build a place on the team.

Southgate is fighting to find the right balance in the attack and in the middle field. The director has a limited time to find a solution. Every minute Rooney plays is one minute lost.

Some will make a sentimental case to commend the 33-year-old. The former Manchester United striker never had a challenge for the Three Lions. His 53 goals for the national side confirm his commitment.

It's been a long time since a place in the team was worth. The way before his final appearance – the 3-0 win over Scotland two years ago – his choice was questionable.

There are precedents: Germany and Holland have recently given players a multiple ceremony license. Now the FAs are making the same mistake.

England's best player must have the hope of doing his national service with honor and leaving the scene without ashamed. Peter Shilton, the 125-point record holder, had two latest nightmare games. Its time ended, I did not need an artificial swan.

It would be easy to organize a testimonial for one of the modern heroes of the country, but if you select a retired Major League Soccer player to play England, do not try to tell people who matter about international football. If he did, this circus would not be happening.

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