Sunday , July 25 2021

Aux États-Unis, Fisher Price pointed to the cause of deceit of bebes in his lean balancelle

Aux États-Unis, since 2015, told fans that he was still asphyxiated in his leap from the Fisher-Price label, Rock'n Play model. But a magazine of consommateurs speaks, 32 deces. He teaches you and the commission commissioned by the supervisor, who recommended that you not use the product for the children of three months.

Aux États-Unis, said that he was suffering from death since 2015 when he was sleeping at the Fisher-Price label, Rock'n Play. I gave a letter dated 5 April from the commission gouvernementale chargée de la securité (CPSC), jointly with Fisher-Price, the relatives are still in my guards. The cause of this will be due to the nutrition of nourrissons dans leur sommeil, swinging south or his belly and the asphyxiating ones. I informed you that you drink them lasting more than three months, at least. «The CPSC recommande aux consommateurs de cesser d'utiliser produced it before the age of three months ago, or since a nutritionist began to know how to return», écrit-elle.

But you can find the magazine consommateur Consumer Reports, I would have no money of 32 bebes who blew the death. He told him if he did not want to see him produced a ray retreat. "I have already mentioned that from warnings from the part of the company and the CPSC, who has no obligation of security regulations for the products of sommeil inclined for nourrissons," le magazine.

Le Rock'n Play has already made the cure of ink, comme le rapportee New York Times. From a cot, on the Internet through discussions blogs, from relatives of infants, I publish a contentious read in terms of acquiring and acquiring the benefits of lit. Une mère avait notamment paré comme étant are my best friend of baby product. Also, last February, a blog of relatives I've rated "magic" but recommended to my colleague as a pediatrician before going to bed.

On the other, as of 2013, Roy Benaroch's peddler has just given some recommendations before he can get the balance. I have noticed, most notably, the slogans of the Académie américaine de pédiatrie who recommended not to use the product. "The directives present themselves with different categories to respect their parents' reliance on ensuring that their infants sleep in safety," said Dr. Benaroch au lendemain of the publication of the communiqué. Directives, the one of them says that "you get drunk by doing well, installing and sleeping on a firm surface, plane and you two. Le Rock'n Play in my mind and no plate, "affirmait-t-il. The pediatrician recommends accepting the advice of the Académie, notably for the children of three or three times "to use the literary mold, and include the pairs of lit, couvertures, oreillers and teddy bears."

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