Wednesday , January 20 2021

Carpentras: the false ceiling of a class collapses on children who make 6 minor injuries

More afraid of harming this afternoon at Carpentras Primary School North B. At about 15h, the false ceiling of a class fell on children and teachers making 6 slight injuries.
"The false ceiling is made of polystyrene sheets, a fortunately lightweight material that explains that the wounds are really scratch," explains one side of the council. However, emergency services were planning to evacuate some hospitals for simple controls.
According to the first observations, bad weather is not questioned: "it is immediately what we ask, but the dishes are dry, there are no traces of humidity."
As a precaution, the building of two classes is evacuated and closed.
Tomorrow new investigations will take place on the building that, according to its occupants, did not show any traces of obsolescence.
Tomorrow, the municipality will announce how "will claim" the children in other buildings of this school.

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