Sunday , July 25 2021

Deschamps and the differences of Dembélé: "He is habitual because of" – Equipment of France

The return of Sissoko
and the absence of Rabiot:
"Why not Moussa? We know him, he is
He arrived regularly here and was one of the most important players. He plays
Much more and you are doing well with your club. It seemed logical to me.
Adrien? I do not think it's time to come back with us.
It is only in relation to what happened before the World Cup,
It is not yet the time to come back with us. "

The difficulties of
Dembélé with Barcelona:
"I did not negotiate with Barça staff
for the simple reason that it does not interfere with the daily life of
clubs It is up to them to manage the players as they like. Ousmane is usual
In fact, compared to some delays. For his defense he will say: "I
I'm not the only one. "But be it in a club or in a selection, you should
Pay attention to these requirements that are part of the high level. He is a boy
Player, but I will not despair that I am aware of improving it. this is
are situations that can be repeated. The sooner you understand it, the better
it will be for everyone ".

Lacazette remembered
"He came regularly with us, though it was not
Not in the group of 23. He does great things with his club, in Blue he has
It does some interesting things, some less interesting. In his post, there is not
The doubt is an axial striker, although it has already been displaced to one side. "

Mandanda remains the number
2 guards:
"There is one (hierarchy) and I know you
as well as among journalists. It does not reduce what Alphonse did
(Areola) with his club or in selection (against Germany). This should be posted
your credit. Steve (Mandanda) had a bad time, with failures
muscular, the worries of his club, but he would not see why that
I would change (the hierarchy of the guardians) than I just said ".

The ethnic record
in Paris SG:
"I will be short, but these are things
unacceptable and intolerable ".

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