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"Johnny Hallyday noticed that he also renounced Jade and Joy?"

The point : What do you reveal again in your book?

Lena Lutaud: The discovery of two new properties in St. Barts, the bonds of Laeticia's attorney with Avista Partners – offensive electronic intelligence pros called "the French private CIA" -, Laura and David who opposed the adoption by Johnny and Laetitia of a third child in 2009, the fiscal worries of Boudou , Laetitia who becomes a millionaire because he owns half of Johnny's estate even before his death …

Do we have any idea of ​​Johnny's real fortune?

It exceeds 100 million euros. This heritage is the first property. The couple owned six properties distributed between Paris, the Caribbean and America. Marnes-la-Coquette is worth 10 million, Villa Jade 40, Villa Joy 16, Villa Sylvestre 5, Pacific Palisades 15 and the residential pavilion of Santa Monica, 1.5. Two properties in Saint-Barth (Joy and Sylvestre villas) are joint property of Jean-Claude Darmon.

In these towns we must add the musical rent. Johnny received between 700,000 and 2 million euros per year of the rights of Sacem. For his latest album, My country is loveJohnny will earn 25 cents per disk sold as co-editor through his Pimiento company. At the request of Laura and David, these rights are blocked by justice. As an interpreter, he received royalties paid by record companies. This last sum is of millions of euros per year. The royalties related to the posthumous album have already brought 2.5 million euros to Laetitia. This sum was not blocked by justice.

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How did you continue for your query?

He has built a map to rebuild the Johnny and Laeticia calendar between 2013 and 2017, month to month, week by week. When compiling all available data, disk output, previews, concerts, travel, document signatures, etc. It took me a week. So, I had an overview of the last four years and found out that, ultimately, the couple did not live much in Los Angeles. This is very important for the next trial in late November.

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During the investigation, opened or closed the doors?

It was very well received almost everywhere. The lawyers of Laeticia, Laura and David answered all my questions. Finally, only the Californian lawyer who represents Laetitia in Los Angeles did not want to talk.

How to disregard the truth of the false in this history of inheritance that looks like the settlement of accounts?

When studying the documents. Only the writings count. They have obtained complete boxes of advice of direction, documents of earth, registries of civil status, judgments, wills, documents of confidence. While reading them, you notice the space between the television position and the truth.

Beyond money, is not it also a matter of moral dispossession experienced by Laura and David?

This case is a real crime, but also a tragedy that is close to the Greek tragedies. You have a god, the disinherited children … The real concern is moral right. No more money, but who will take the torch of this formidable rocker in the future? For children, it is a much more painful fight than talking about financial and real flows. David was prepared to take care of her, said that his father promised him. As a musician, he had the legitimacy. But with this conflict, logic is shattered. Using American law, Johnny disinherited his four children and upset a great French taboo.

Do you think Johnny really disliked his children in conscience or the pressure of others?

I wonder if the consequences of the papers he signed during the big coup were made on July 11, 2014. Let's say he thought Laura and David were safe. But did he really understand that he also renounced Jade and Jubilee?

Do you believe in a friendly agreement between Laetitia, David and Laura?

You can intervene at any time. For now, the situation is frozen. Lawyers no longer speak.

The procedure surrounding inheritance should last for years. Are you planning a sequel to your book?

I'm obviously interested in every turn and turn of this business. If there is enough material, I will write a second book with great pleasure.

They loved each other so much Lena Lutaud, Albin Michel, November 2018, 368 pages, 19.90 euros.

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