Tuesday , July 27 2021

Spain wants to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles as of 2040

"Decarbonizing the economy. This is the ambition on Tuesday that the Spanish government has just announced its intention to prohibit the sale of diesel and gasoline cars from 2040. That is twenty years to make a complete transition because, after that date , only electric vehicles will obtain a record.

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This measure should be added to the future law on energy transition in order to convince the results of air quality by 2050.

Towards a less polluting fleet

According to the paper presented, it is still necessary to prohibit all vehicles that cause "direct emissions of carbon dioxide." In addition, "since the entry into force of the law, exploration activity, no exploration license or hydrocarbon exploration license is allowed throughout the national territory, including maritime territory," said the minister of ecological transition. It is also banned financially to introduce new subsidy payments that "favor the consumption of fossil fuels".

At the same time, the project also organizes the development of a fleet of less polluting vehicles, thanks to the installation of charging points for electric vehicles. And by 2023, cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants should establish "low emission zones", such as the urban centers of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where traffic is limited.

A vote of the law not acquired

"By 2050, the electricity system will have to depend exclusively on renewable energy sources," said the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which wants to end the "aid to fossil fuels."

However, the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez was formed five months ago and does not have the majority of the seats in the parliament. The vote of the law is not acquired. Madrid warned that these objectives could be "revised" to comply with the Paris climate agreement, but that their "level of ambition" could not be revised downwards.

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