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The defense of "Bibi" Macron, the movement of Raphael Glucksmann, the mail of Matignon

The thread of the day: Macron is trying to clean the fuel

I wanted to get in touch with the French. Is served Yesterday, on the streets of Verdun, Emmanuel Macron was arrested by French people angry at his fiscal policy. This has resulted in one of the very direct changes that the president of the Republic knows, filmed by BFMTV. Retired:
"What gives us gifts on one side, we bend it double the other. Look at the fuel, it's horrible!"

The answer of the head of state, in a whole formula: "Fuel is not Bibi." Way to say that most of the current increase in prices in the pump is linked to rising world prices.

"Give me the honest calculation," says Emmanuel Macron, "that you won on the housing tax, which you paid for at CSG, I bet you were a winner." calculation before accusing the government … "

When this pensioner explained to him, "it is necessary to make a policy to relaunch work …", that it is not necessary to do it "while bitten on the average French, the unemployed the retired people." They are not only the rich in France, we have to think about the middle classes … ", the president replied that he accepts:" When we eliminate the tax on housing, it is for the middle classes, "he says, before remembering the macroeconomic figures:" Total purchasing power has increased: 1.6% is the reality. "To this retiree, as it did Tuesday in the morning in Europe 1, the president acknowledged that he wanted to" find a mechanism "to accompany" people who are forced to move to the work "and they are" a little hostage. "How? By means of an improvement of the energy verification or the fiscal exemption of the aids to the transport, it had mentioned without more details on the radio.

"We swim absurd," reacted this morning to France Inter Laurent Wauquiez, head of the Republicans and president of the Rhône-Alpes region of Auvergne. "We can not give subsidies after deciding the tax increases."

"I am prepared to reduce fuel taxes in my area if the president cancels tax increases, we have to stop this madness, disguised as environmentalists, to fill the state coffers."

For Emmanuel Macron, the continuation of pedagogical work will happen today through the Ardennes, where a decentralized Cabinet will be held and where the president will continue his "itinerant of memorial" officially dedicated to the centenary of the Great War and not to the fuel war.

The new movement of the day: Public square

Without a doubt, he is the most cortical man on the left. Benoît Hamon, o
Environmentalists, the Socialists would have liked to have Raphael
Glucksmann in his European lists. But the philosopher and his
friend economist Thomas Porcher and environmental activist Claire Nouvian
They preferred to launch their own movement, called Place public, through a convocation published in "Libération" on Wednesday.

"Instead of saying no to the parties that came to us and writing texts on the subject" the left is void, "we met.
intellectuals, community activists, lawyers
come and develop a program on the left, ecologist, social,
"A few days ago, Raphaël Glucksmann told our journalist Cécile Amar, before publishing her birth certificate, informed politicians (Hamon, Jadot, Rufin, Faure, etc.). And it does not become an additional party, Glucksmann says: "We're not going to make another list. Our goal is not to be deputies. And if some initiators are finally elected, the Public Site will continue without them. "And he?" I, no, I will not be a priori candidate. "

Very critical about neoliberalism and construction
In Europe, the 60 initiators voted for Mélenchon
Presidential "To think, you have to do it off
structures that play their survival in each election, "warns Raphael
Glucksmann. The essayist comments with a smile: "My bet is that it is
The political space is much stronger than its results
elections. "The first meeting of the public square will take place on November 15 in Montreuil.

The investigation of the day: an attack project against Macron?

Six people linked to ultradroite were arrested yesterday morning in Isère, Ille-et-Vilaine and Moselle. An operation carried out by the Directorate General of Homeland Security as part of a preliminary investigation for the "Criminal Criminal Criminal Association". "This research is aimed at a project, inaccurate and ill-defined at this stage, of violent action" against Emmanuel long vowel sign, says one of the sources close to the AFP research.

The alarm of the day: a premonitory letter to Matignon

It is an email with premonitory accents, as our journalist Lucas Burel points out. Last Monday, the body of a Republican cattle was found dead in the gardens of Matignon. If the motivations of gendarme, which was assigned to the video surveillance service of the military command, remain undetermined at the moment, this drama, unpublished in the history of Matignon, intervenes with everything in a very particular context. In August 2018, gendarmes of the hotel security company Matignon (CSHM) sent an anonymous 19-page letter to their hierarchy denouncing the "deep discomfort" of the workforce, their "excessive moral fatigue and a workload ever growing ". The command of the unit was, therefore, fully aware of the difficulties encountered by the gendarmes assigned to Matignon.

"The situation is alarming if we do not want a tragic event to occur due to a lack of rest," said the letter detailing the health problems observed in a few months in several gendarmes: cases of cardiac discomfort, burn-out, as well as a member of the company "that suffers from a fracture of Achilles tendon fatigue […] for a steady pace of work. "Some lines below, the text, with premonitory accents, denounced:" Imagine the image that could be given to our institution if, unfortunately, a police officer has committed irreparable to one of the Offices at the Hotel Matignon … "

The article by Lucas Burel is read here.

The surprise of the day: the candidate of Bernard Guetta LREM?

It is a surprising name that circulates to integrate the lists of The Republic on the march to Europeans, reveals "the world": the former journalist from France Inter, Bernard Guetta, specialist geopolitics and price of Albert-London in 1981. The "real" Track ", one insures the direction of the macronistic movement. For some, the old 67-year-old reporter with the famous voice of "civil society" and fervent defender of the European cause would be a possible leader in the list. Contact the newspaper, Bernard Guetta says that nothing is offered but does not close the door.

The number of the day: 20% more evictions this year

This is a figure that congratulated yesterday the new Interior Minister Chirstophe Castaner in the National Assembly, while presenting the 2019 immigration bill project: the expulsion of foreigners. "The entry into the office of this government marked a turning point … with a clear recovery of the changes," said the minister. "After an increase of 14% in 2017, this year we see a new increase of 20% of foreigners who leave the national territory when they do not have the right of residence." In 2017, there were 14,859 forced changes.

In a tweet he wrote yesterday, the Interior Minister said, on the other hand, ready to welcome the Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi, sentenced to death for blasphemy, which he later acquitted in his country: "Transcuse with Jean-Yves Le Drian [[[[Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ed] about the situation of Asia Bibi. Together with our European partners, we are looking for all the options to help you and make sure your family is safe as you want. France will respond to the present. "

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