Friday , June 18 2021

The ex-Disney cartoon pays homage to his wife who died in a short one

Day of his meeting, marriage, birth of his children … Gary Andrews, former entertainer of the Disney Studios, made a movie that touched a year after the brutal death of his wife, in October 2017.

A test that Gary Andrews outgunned through the draw. The ex- entertainer of Disney lost the joy, its wife a year ago, dragged by a mock septicemia to the 41 years. Since then, overcome by regret, the widow and father of two daughters, who lives in Surrey, England, has daily attracted her daily life without her.

A first drawing published on Twitter a few days after his wife's death shows him with his two children watching a star: "A mother, a woman, an inspiration. Cruelly retired very soon. She wanted me if I had not done my #undessinparjour," writes Gary. This drawing will be the first stone of its slow reconstruction.

A year later, he decides to make a short film in which he relates the most important moments of his life with Joy. His meeting in 1998 in a class of amateur theater, his marriage, the birth of his daughters, his trip to Vancouver from where he learned the bad news and his new life as a widowed father. For Joy, broadcast on the BBC, in the program The One Show, last October, marks for Gary Andrews, the exit of the tunnel.

In a tweet on November 2, where he represents filigree with the benevolent presence of his wife, the designer seems to have found a way of serenity: "Last night I made a decision. I passed my wedding ring to my other hand. Our love. It has never been forgotten, but it's time to move on. You're gone and I can not change anything. I will always love you, but I must accept that life has changed. "

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