Sunday , January 24 2021

the portrait of open book by Ségolène Royal

The former Minister of the Environment, Ségolène Royal, who was on the set of the magazine "20h30 dusk" (Repetition) (Facebook, chil, # 20h30LD) Live animated by Laurent Delahousse, just published What can I say? (Ed Fayard). A book Instead of an agreement of accounts!

She beat the treachery of Francois Hollande, the chance of the last five years, Nicolas Sarkozy … to Emmanuel Macron, who also denounces authoritarianism. The boldness he has shown throughout his career can be seen through the lines. She led her to emancipate from an authoritarian father to study and integrate ENA.

A desire for revenge

He was bold enough to demand a candidacy for the legislation on the same day of the inauguration of President François Mitterrand under the gold of Eliseo. His iconoclastic personality also stands out in his book: the one that summons the cameras to the maternity room, the one that organizes a meeting midway between the command and the Evangelical Mass. It shows the resilience after the blows received in the political struggle: the tears of the socialist primary of 2011 and the sexist attacks that enameled their career.

If Segolene Royal focuses today on his commitments to the planet, it is difficult not to glimpse the lines of his book as a desire for revenge that may lead to other electoral battles … Does his fight for the planet go through the presidency of the Republic? "Maybe", responded Sunday, November 11, 2018, Laurent Delahousse.

> A portrait signed by Maxime Bénéteau

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