Thursday , October 28 2021

Unusual: a tour in June 2019 for the Spice Girls!


For months we have been waiting for the confirmation of a reform and, especially, converted. The youngest surely will not jump to the ceiling but all the others we talk about young people, surely they are already in the sky. o girl band the most famous The 90 just announced a minigame in the United Kingdom scheduled for June 2019.

The rumors had been circulating for some time and we even doubted that they would be fulfilled one day. The meeting of the five brides that took place last February put the spicosphère -yes, we invented words, in turmoil and generated some efervescence around a possible reform of the group. Today it has been confirmed, the latter will be without Victoria Beckam. Yes, the former singer never hides the chapter Spice Girls was for her, more than closed. Failing a new record, we will be entitled to a mini-tour. We did not choose, of course, not about that. His return on stage will be held next month in June, divided into six dates (Manchester, Coventry, Sunderland, Edinburgh, Bristol and London).

For absolute fans -The most curious, Therefore, it will be necessary to travel through the Channel to have the opportunity to attend one of the shows. The deadlines will be on sale from November 10th so be quick because they should run within seconds!

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