Thursday , July 29 2021

Vaccines: the French are quite safe

More than seven in ten French people say they have confidence in the vaccines, reveals a recent survey on Ipsos. A figure exceeds two points over a year.

What is the French eye on pharmaceutical companies? This issue was the focus of the voting institute of Ipsos for the eighth edition of the Observatoire sociétal du médicament. If they have a 77% confidence in drugs, they have a 71% confidence in the vaccines, a figure in progression of two points over a year.


In detail, more than half of the French (52%) believe that there are more benefits than the risks to be vaccinated. On the other hand, 17% see more risks than profits and 31% see more risks than profits.

In general, the image of pharmaceutical companies remains fragile. While 77% of French people have confidence in the aeronautical and aerospace sector and 58% in the automotive sector, only a little less than half of the French (49%) trust the pharmaceutical companies. . They are 34% to describe them as ethical and 16% transparent.

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