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"Anne Will" at ARD: Andrea Nahles picks up tons of criticism – Panorama

"Anne Will" at the ARD: Andrea Nahles responds to the question and criticism

11.11.2018 at 23:02 hours

SPD leader Andrea Nahles was a guest on Sunday night with Anne Will.

SPD leader Andrea Nahles was a guest on Sunday night with Anne Will.

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Berlin. It's almost like a countdown: Merkel, Seehofer, … Nahles?

A few minutes before the start of the talk in "Anne Will"On Sunday night at the ARD, the message went up and said that Horst Seehofer wants to resign as president of the CSU and probably also as Minister of the Federal Interior.

+++ Horst Seehofer wants to resign as Interior Minister – and the SPD goes out of this bad mood + +

Coinciding with the subject in "Anne Will": The loss of power – happen to the celebrations of the town a new beginning?

"Anne Will": Andrea Nahles does not even think about quitting smoking

Visiting the study in "Anne Will": Jürgen Trittin (Greens), Minister of Economy Peter Altmeier (UDC), politician Ursula Münch, editor-in-chief Cicero, Christoph Schwennicke, and SPD president, Andrea Nahles.

Will there be a change of leadership in the SPD? Require the presenter Anne Will the SPD politician at the beginning of the program. With a sure smile, she replied: "We have just renewed. There was a change for six months. They are still very young." Say: Andrea Nahles do not think you give up As if everything was OK with the SPD. One of the parties that according to recent surveys reaches only 14 percent of the votes, a lower absolute point.

"Did not you think for a second?"

Anne Will He came back to refer to the disastrous results of the SPD in the latest state elections in Bavaria and Hesse: "Did you think for a single second about whether you can make a new start for the SPD with a resignation?"


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Andrea Nahles: "It's not surprising that there are such discussions. The SPD has often chosen this way, but it can not solve the problem with it. My offer is that we are now trying something that renews the SPD. We show that this is possible," he said – And said that the SPD debate camp: for two days, there were more than 1000 participants in the reorganization of the SPD. "This was great, as you saw, people have a great interest for us," found Nahles.

+++ Kevin Kühnert in Markus Lanz: "This is not a legitimate translation" +++

Christoph Schwennicke, editor-in-chief of the "Cicero" political magazine, saw him in a very different way: "I have the impression that a layer of almost suicidal staff is building a world of fantasy that has nothing to do with the real world." The SPD is too "dumb", instead of taking care of the true problems of the voters.

The appearance of Nahles in "Anne Will": "Return my holiday book"

In the social media, the appearance of Andrea Nahles was not well received; Their answers obviously made for the eyes. He's criticized "If I see Andrea Nahles sitting there so just and ignorant, she will probably send my party book to Berlin tomorrow," writes Follfosten user on Twitter.

The user Lukas says: "Nahles can say as much as you like, but I do not have confidence in it and wish someone new at the top of SPD."

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