Thursday , July 29 2021

Command & Conquer and C & C: Red alert

If you have a good warm heart watching this screenshot, we have good news for you.If you have a good warm heart watching this screenshot, we have good news for you.

The old hands between the real-time strategy players jump in the square: EA announced in Reddit, the first remaster of Command and conquer, Epithet The Tiberium Conflict and its successor C & C: Red Alert, out out.

And not as a populated version of smart phones, but on PC! Earlier, EA announced plans to think about Remaster. Now it is clear that they will start at the beginning of the legendary game series.

In addition, EA is launching the announcement with a statement that gives hope to a future for C & C:

"A month ago, we let the community know that we are returning the brand to the PC, starting with a remastered initiative."

This leaves a lot of room for maneuver, if EA wants to relive the franchise even with new titles. But this is still speculation, the tangible information refers to the remastered announcement of C & C 1 and 2.

Announcement of veterans

For this, the editor is associated with the developer Petroglyph, whose founders are largely out old developers of Westwood Studios – The creator of the two C & C originals from the years 1995 and 1996. Thus, in the new editions of the Urgesteine ​​heads in real time are on board, which should know very well the original vision of C & C. Os Illustrious names such as Joe Bostic, Steve Tall and Mike Legg are, therefore, in the future to recover the classics in a modernized version.

Below you can see a small video in which the developers officially get the mood for remastering. By the way, it seems they get the news that they suddenly work on Command & Conquer again.

Both games appear together as Remaster CollectionAccording to EA, exacerbations for Comando & Conquer and Addons Counterattack and Retaliation for red alert addons are included in the Remaster package. On the other hand, the unpopular micro-transactions EA want to completely dispense with it.

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