Friday , June 18 2021

Danger of collapse: the city of Augsburg evacuated the house of the building

Alarm in downtown Augsburg. A house with several floors and stores has been evacuated. The building is vulnerable to collapse because the foundations are mined. The static problems are so great, the city administration, that an "immediate eviction" was necessary. The house was washed to such an extent that a sudden failure of cargo walls can not be ruled out, experts from an engineering office explained.

Creation of crisis personnel

The mayor of Augsburg, Kurt Gribl, met a crisis team with representatives of the police, the fire brigade and the relief organizations, which consisted of preparing the inhabitants of the house for the next steps. The majority of the oldest residents were lodged in hotels at night.

The building has 29 houses and four commercial units and is owned by a foundation managed by the city. According to the engineering office, stability is no longer guaranteed.

"Due to the existing collapse risk, entry and stay in the building is prohibited and only people involved in security construction, as well as police, fire, ambulance and competent personnel of the city of Augsburg can access." Press release from the city of Augsburg

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