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FC Schalke 04 against Galatasaray Istanbul live – S04

Gelsenkirchen. The Champions League in the area – gets on Tuesday night FC Schalke 04 Galatasaray Istanbul,

With a triumph, the team of trainer Domenico Tedesco would take a giant step towards the second round.

FC Schalke 04 – Galatasaray Istanbul in the direct marker

Can u FC Schalke 04 against Galatasaray Istanbul to win? Or is there a setback for the Royal Blues?

+++ FC Schalke 04 – Galatasaray no livestream: It's so easy +++

We inform you about the game between FC Schalke 04 and Galatasaray of Istanbul no live ticker.

FC Schalke 04 – Galatasaray 1: 0

1: 0 Guido Burgstaller

46 minutes: Continue on Schalke! Real blue continues unchanged in the second half. Fatih Terim changed. Bayram arrives at Linnes.

Minute 45: William Collum asks for a break in time.

Minute 38: Double opportunity for Schalke. Rudy leaves the second row. But its long shooting area in the post. A few seconds later, the newly arrived Schalke is already on the right wing. Their lands crossed at Burgstaller. Verify Muslera with a direct test. He responds heavily and prevents 2: 0.

Minute 28: Live, it means breathing deep into Schalke. Garry Rodrigues is totally Nübel after a good pass. But the fast-paced forward fails to push the ball over the line.

27 minutesSchalke accountant in his own stadium. Burgstaller is unlocked on the right wing. Its reproduction is too inaccurate for the Uth included. But the forward of Schalke secures the ball in Nachfassen, but fails with his return to Muslera.

Minute 20: This should be 2: 0. Embolo hits the ball from the right. From there, the bounce landed on Harit. The Moroccan moves a little quick from about eight meters and chases the ball in the southern corner

Minute 16: Suddenly it is very fast and Nübel saves Schalke! Onyekuru is sent abruptly, but the goalkeeper of Schalke runs and can avoid the ball in the last second.

12 minutes: Schalke makes it so strong. Again and again, the miners play for the defense of the yellow red.

4 minutes: Toooooor for FC Schalke 04. Scoreboard: Guido Burgstaller

Harit sends to Burgstaller. But the ball is too steep. Muslera met and takes the ball. But in the slippery floor, it leaves the box with the ball in the arm. The gallon goalkeeper has to drop the ball. Burgstaller hated that. Austrians Muslera lust the ball and push the ball from the right out of the line. Perfect start for real blue.

Second minute: First graduation of Galatasaray. But the ball is well above Schalke's substitute goalkeeper, Alexander Nübel.

1st minute: The ball rolls

These are the lists

FC Schalke 04: Nübel – Stambouli, Sané, Nastasic – Caligiuri, Rudy, Schöpf -, Harit – Embolo, Uth, Burgstaller

Galatasaray: Muslera – Linnes, Ozan, Serdar Aziz, Mariano – Ndiaye Donk – Garry Rodrigues, Belhanda, Onyekuru – Gumus

20:58: The concept of police security so far apparently worked before the high-risk encounter declared a clash at the Veltins Arena. There are no reports of confrontations between the two amateur camps.

20:47: As expected, yellow red is lighted in many places of Veltins-Arena. Commentator Sky Wolff Fuss estimates the number of Turkish fans around 10,000. For Christian Heidel this is "no surprise". But the Schalke coach still has the real blue balloon and hopes that the team will see the upward trend of recent weeks.

20:38: Before the duel, FC Schalke 04 warms its fans a hot video. You can watch the video here >>>

20:03: Domenico Tedesco surprised in the second stage with an offensive offensive power. With Embolo, Burgstaller and Schöpf there were three attackers on the grid against Galatasaray Istanbul. Here are the lists of both eyes:

18:05: In the first time, Alexander Nübel (22) arrived as a replacement for the injured Ralf Fährmann (30) for his first competitive game in the Champions League. Also in the second stage plays the talent of Schalke between the positions. Some people are already speculating about a change of guards at the door FC Schalke 04, What says Domenico Tedesco about it, you will find here >>>

16:38: Gelsenkirchen today awaits thousands of Gala fans. Although Turkish supporters could only drop a 2,900 ticket quota. However, it is expected that many fans of Turkish champions try to get tickets. To absorb the atmosphere before the game in the city, a large number of admirers of yellow red is expected without a ticket. Already there is a video that circulates on the Internet, where there is a large number of Pirotecnia fanatics from Galatasaray Istanbul. Soon there was a suspicion that the scenes took place in Gelsenkirchen. But the police refuted this quickly (you can see the video here >>>).

Clock 14.12: The police ranked the game between Schalke 04 and Galatasaray beforehand as a high-risk game. Some additional security measures were taken. You can read the details here.

11:35: Benjamin Stambouli was back for two weeks now, doing well with Schalke 04. "I feel very well! I made two heavy games in Istanbul and Leipzig, which were not easy for the body. In Colonia, I did not play and I have a little rest, "said Stambouli. Against Galatasaray, he now wants an absolute victory: "If we are willing to enter into any duel, do not be afraid and show a bad Malochermentalität, then we can win the game in any case."

8.37 hours: For Schalke 04, the game against Galatasaray in Istanbul is a great opportunity. With a win, the Royal Blues open the door to the quarterfinals. The latest positive trend speaks for Schalke. The return of Benjamin Stambouli clearly stabilized the game of S04. Manager Christian Heidel thinks of the game, you can read here.

game data:

Impetus: Tuesday, 06.11.2018, clock of 21

Stadium: Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen

Referee: William Collum (Scotland)

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