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Future with family, vacations, Dallas Mavericks and DBB

The NBA without Dirk Nowitzki? For many simply unimaginable. But one has to get used to this condition since the beginning of the new season in the fall. (A NBA LIVE on TV in SPORT1 +)

The superstar of Dallas Mavericks, who has been basketball and league for 21 years, is devoting himself to other things than the basket.

But what is the planning of 40 years for the time after his career? Nowitzki returns to his homeland?

SPORT1 Answer the most important questions about the future of Nowitzki.

What is Nowitzki's next planning?

Nowitzki announced that they will see "simply do nothing." I was happy that the pressure had disappeared for now. The latest NBA games, the emotional farewell, the marathon interview. All this reduced the energy reserves of the superstar.

He wants to fill it up in a Caribbean vacation with Jessica's wife and her three children again. "My wife will find a lot of things at home," Nowitzki jokes at the press conference after his resignation.

But soon the next dates are waiting for the old "wunderkind" German. "Children will be in school at the end of May, the baseball game will come to Germany after my birthday in June and then there will be the football game of the ING," said Nowitzki.

At some point during the NBA season 2019/20 there will be a very special night. The Mavs have already announced that Nowitzki's 41st shirt should no longer be rewarded. As a general rule, this is celebrated in a show at a party at home. That will not be different with Nowitzki.

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Nowitzki returns to Germany?

Although Nowitzki will not even be in Dallas, he will soon be admired in the city of Texas.

"We're going to build you the largest and most flagly statue in the world and place it just in front of our area," announced Mark Cuban, owner of Mavs.

But even the original does not plan to leave his new home. "I'm never going, this is my house, I'm a Texan," Nowitzki cited for some time.

Even after his last game, he emphasized: "My house is here for the first time, children were born here and we have a network here." The native of Würzburg added: "I always like to go home in Germany."

Nowitzki only has German citizenship. In an interview as of 2018, he did not rule out accepting the United States. "It seems that our near future is here, and that would make sense," he said Augsburger Allgemeine,

How is the future professional of Nowitzki?

This question is the most open of all. Nowitzki has several options, but has not yet announced a clear plan.

In a way, he will continue to be faithful to Mavs who has done more than half of his life. I do not care what you do, "offered the Cuban in his acceptance speech.

If Nowitzki has operational duties in the franchise, as a youth coach – Nowitzki loves children – or as a kind of mentor for the future, Mavericks hopes that Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, with whom he would like to have played a season, are busy. show

It is possible to commit to the German Basketball Association. "He will continue to be present with the things he does next to the course, I am sure that, and surely there will be much that Dirk Nowitzki will begin," believes teammate Demond Greene. SPORT1That Nowitzki will also support German basketball in the future.

This opinion is also shared by Ademola Okulaja SPORT1: "The association and he will surely do something together, he will definitely be there in the World Cup, the European Championship or the Olympics – or he will make a video message or something like that."

In addition, Nowitzki will also focus more and more on social projects, which have already been distinguished in recent years: its Fortyone Foundation, whose objective is the personal development of children through activity, charity games and charities.

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How do you want to stay fit?

I'm not surprised that Nowitzki admits to losing basketball. That's why he wants to make another sport.

Playing tennis and golf is one of the first things that Nowitzki has called the frequent question of his future. "Maybe I'm going to ski, I have not done it for more than 25 years," he plans beyond that.

But not only will sport continue to be part of your life. In addition to the good wine, Nowitzki hopes to enjoy "ice cream and pizza for breakfast." "Let's see if I can do the 150 kilograms in the coming months," he said.

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