Thursday , July 29 2021

Lena Meyer-Landrut: She resists hate comments

Those who are publicly pleased not only have fans, but also have to defend against many critics. That those who are anonymous in the Internet want to spread hateful comments and not censure insults, they must also
Lena Meyer-Landrut
(27, "Satellite") has experienced over and over again. Now the singer made a statement about his Instagram profile with an impressive picture.

In the selfie, Lena presents in a casual way in front of a mirror that has a jeans and a white top. In this mirror he wrote many vile insults. Words and claims that the young musician seems to read in the past. Lena leaves the publication without commenting, hate comments speak for themselves.

After a day, the photo already had more than 100,000 Likes and almost 2,000 comments of followers that are the action of the brave and great singer. Other famous Germans commented. Then write
Jennifer Weist
(31), frontwoman of the band
Jennifer Rostock
: "Babe, which I can only recommend: they only allow comments for friends, since then I've been fantastic."

Ruth Moschner
(42) sends three hearts and actress
The effort of Anna Maria
(33) writes under the commentary of the makeup composer of Lena Philipp Koch Verheyen: "The shame that there are people who leave comments on other profiles" – the phrase: "There are no more necessary words."

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