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Markus Söder (CSU) announces the cabinet: Minister surprises and cases of perfect shortages

The pressure of competition for seats at the Bavaria cabinet desk was great as long as no. After bankruptcy in state elections, the CSU must share coveted messages with voters. Above all, there is a completely different announcement from Sunday night.

  • After bankruptcy in state elections, Bavarian PM Markus Söder announces his cabinet on Monday afternoon.
  • Some ministers and secretaries of state are threatened with this. The three ministries of Free Voters, on the other hand, are clear.
  • From midday Söder shares his decisions with his group. At 1 pm the parliamentary session begins with the official act of proclamation.

>>> Update <<<

1:44 pm: Bavarian Premier Markus Söder (CSU) described his new cabinet as a "true blend of stability and renewal." "This is a very balanced cabinet. It represents not only the new coalition government, but it embodies the regions of Bavaria, it depends on proven and new forces and an important coexistence of men and women," said Söder to the appointment of his new ministers and secretaries of state on Monday in the Bavarian state parliament, The new Council of Ministers with an average age of 47.6 years is "the youngest Bavarian cabinet of all time."

Judith Gerlach and Hans Reichhart: new ministers in the Söder office

13:17: The appointment of Judith Gerlach to the Minister of Digital is also interesting: the 33-year-old man comes from Würzburg, where he studied law. According to her homepage, she was admitted to the bar in June 2013 and has since worked as a freelance lawyer in Aschaffenburg. After the state elections on September 15, 2013, he transferred the lower list of Franconia of the CSU as the newest member of the Bavarian Parliament.

12:20: Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) is expanding its cabinet more fully than expected: the new head of State of the Union, Hans Reichhart, will be the new Minister of construction and transportation, as reported by Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on Monday according to the participants of a meeting of the CSU parliamentary group. Reichhart is considered popular and lost only due to the weak result of the CSU, entry into the state parliament. More than a consolation for him now. Judith Gerlach, Minister of Digital Affairs, is also sitting at the cabinet desk.

The list is now fixed:

If you need an overview of the new cabinet, you can find it here.

Söder announces the cabinet: the prime minister condemns the hardships

12.13: Surprise in the formation of a cabinet in Bavaria: former Justice Minister Winfried Bausback will no longer belong to the new state government. That said Unterfranke on Tuesday on his Facebook page. It will also not be represented in the cabinet, as reported by the previous Minister of Economic Affairs, Franz Josef Pschierer and former Environment Minister, Marcel Huber.

11:57: The Mittelbayerische Zeitung reports that Zellmeier has confirmed: "They are no longer Secretary of State." So he will no longer sit at the government table. Söder immediately wants to tell his group all future decisions.

11.50: CSU quake: Seehofer really announces his retirement as CSU chief – surprised but everything then, because he wants to stay as Minister of the Interior. More here.

Cabinet of Söder: MP could cause earthquake to ministers

10.45: Welcome to our live scoreboard for Markus Söder's cabinet announcement. As reported by our journalist Christian Deutschländer, the Prime Minister is shaking his cabinet again. As reported by at least three older ministers and state secretaries have to go, markedly rejuvenated.

Munich: For the second time within a year, Bavarian PM Markus Söder (CSU) may appoint a government office. Cabinet training is superimposed on the announced resignation of party leader and Federal Minister of Internal Affairs Horst Seehofer. The 69-year-old said Sunday at night at a CSU meeting, in the coming weeks to resign to their offices. In fact, Seehofer always emphasized that he wanted to express his opinion about his own future only after the cabinet was formed. In the CSU, now Söder is assumed to have a special party in early 2019, too, will assume the position of party leader.

In contrast to the premiere of the Söder cabinet in March after the more or less voluntary departure of Seehofer to Berlin, the CSU after the loss of its absolute majority three of the coveted ministries of the other part cede: Areas of worship, environment and business, Energy and state development goes to the coalition partner. Free voters. The transformation of the ministerial forces places Söder under pressure. In addition to professional aptitude, you should also consider the regional proportionality and the proportion of women.

Söder's Cabinet: Aiwanger, Piazolo and Glauber are the Ministers of Free Voters

For the Free Voters coalition partner, the matter is much simpler: for party leader Hubert Aiwanger, the proportion of women is not a relevant central size and should pay attention to the first participation of the government of their party with less sensitivities: Aiwanger becomes Minister of Economic Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister, former Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo and architect architect Thorsten Glauber, Minister of Environment.

Söder presents Cabinet.

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At the CSU, Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, finance minister Albert Fücker and ministers Melanie Huml (Health), Kerstin Schreyer (Social Affairs) and Michaela Kaniber (Agriculture) will probably remain seated in their previous ministries. After the first Söder cabinet could work together for less than seven months for the elections, Söder should be as consistent as possible. State prosecutor Florian Herrmann and Justice Minister Winfried Bausback are also in the cabinet.

Söder's Cabinet: Marcel Reif's wife, Kiechle, probably as a minister

On the other hand, it is interesting to see who named Söder as president of the Department of Construction and Transportation of Ilse Aigner, the president-elect of the Landtag. He also has to present a candidate for the new digitization ministry, the same applies to the Ministry of Science, the former head of the family, Marion Kiechle, did not obtain a mandate in the elections. If Söder, the doctor, who brought in March as a newcomer in his first cabinet, again gives confidence that he is being hesitated at the CSU.

The case of Marcel Huber is also bitter. He was considered one of the strong, binding and never shrill ministers. However, within a few days, his political career was broken. Read also: Victims of the Farm Marcel Huber: Does the Minister of the Interior of the Council of Ministers return? *

With views of Lokalproporz Söder, he will also try to find ministers from Swabia and Lower Bavaria. The two districts lost "their previous ministries" to free voters. Nor is it clear whether Secretary General Markus Blume will soon sit on the cabinet desk and how Söder wants to do it, not to let the already low proportion of women 33 percent into the sink even more. Due to the oath on Monday is the anniversary of the female suffrage.

Söder calls the CSU parliamentary group at 12 in the morning of his cabinet

The selection of ministers and secretaries of state is again a secret affair in Söder. I would like to announce it to the CSU parliamentary group at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, just one hour before the start of the state parliament session.

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