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Munich: the police flashes the speed of speed – for an unusual reason that does not have the card

A man shined in Munich at night – but he did not have to pay.

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A rule that always counts for everyone: who runs, he is punished. But now the police have made an exception for a driver in Munich.

Munich – Clear rules, clear penalties: this is how the German authorities know. Normally! A story now shows: even the authorities have a heart and sometimes they can turn off both eyes.

What happened The Munich police call a 40-year-old man on the Frankfurter ring. I traveled at 15 km / h too fast. Just a short time later arrived by mail the fine of the police department in Straubing.

Raser Munich gives good reason

Now the driver has returned to the authority. Although he was traveling too fast, he had a good reason. In the back seat of his car, his pregnant wife had been working. As proof, he added a confirmation letter from the hospital. He said that the couple's son was born at 2:27 a.m. – exactly 13 minutes after the hopeful father.

"An absolute decision case by case"

In an answer, the Office responded and closed the investigation. "We congratulate the birth of her daughter," concludes the letter. At the request of the Bayerischer Rundfunk, a spokesman for the police administration office emphasized that it was an "absolute decision by case." In such an emergency situation, the ambulance should have been warned, warned the spokesman.

On Twitter, the mother of the child published a fragment of the regulatory letter. "The police also thinks it is sharper when it flashes to 2.14 watches in the Frankfurter ring and the baby at 2.27 Gern watch in the world," he writes for – and has to deal with criticism.

No time violation only at 2.28 clock at the clinic

In the comments, she explains that they would arrive without greater speed, according to Navi until the 2.28 clocks of the hospital. However, it was cornered in the network. "The regulation applies to all. Point, turn off. They are nothing better than just because you're playing and going on the world," commented a Twitter user, for example. Therefore, the mother was forced to underline that it was only an excess of minimum speed.

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