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The bride separates a few minutes after herself

Almost married, already separated again: She wanted a big man with a strong shoulder to lean. That's exactly what Tamara got. And that is exactly what he gave the opportunity to 44 years of age after the ceremony.

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In "Wedding at first sight", Tamara and Sasha awaited love for life, finally entering the marriage bond with the perfect companion. Three experts gathered blond and two years of age with dark hair. Without seeing before, they should deliver javascript to the registry office. This can go well, but it does not have to be.

The experts were confident: Tamara and Sasha are made among themselves. But then the professionals did the billing without the bride. Because he was not so enthusiastic about his boyfriend. Thus, the 44-year-old had not imagined his future husband. However, I wanted to give an opportunity to the experiment and said yes.

"That was the biggest mistake of my life"

"He is a very good person, but I know he is not my dream man, I was thinking of saying no, but I did not want to embarrass him," Tamara explained his decision, the marriage without a hint of hope. to answer

Already in the first minutes he understood that the chemistry between her and him did not fit. He always looked for his proximity. "Your touches are not good for me," he said. He did not want to wake up and leave. "But she stayed and swore eternal love for him." It would be better to faint or run out, I should not say yes. "Today you know:" That was the biggest mistake of my life. "

"I was really happy that he was going again"

Tamara and Sascha are legally married, marriage cancellation is no longer possible. "After the wedding ended and we were interviewed separately, I did not want to let go, he said:" Now we only know each other and now I have to leave you alone again. "In fact, I was glad you went back."

Tamara used the time just to think. And so he came to a decision a few minutes after the decision: "I want him to know what I would like to see, it is supposed to have a word, I do not want to tell you grossly, No, it will not work anymore, we have to both decide." Sascha was horrified: "That was the basket of the century that allowed me to live there in the registration office. Even during the wedding, the couple announced their break.

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