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"The voice of Germany": the candidates make confess to the coaches without words

"Sometimes you have to take a risk," says Taylor Shore and announces extra for "The Voice of Germany" his safe work. The friendly Düsseldorfer wants to be a singer since he was seven years old. He was born in Tunisia and arrived in Germany in 2007. Since then, the 34-year-old worked on computer support. But that has happened!

Taylor plays with a song by Backstreet Boys

With "incomplete" from Backstreet Boys, the rocker wants to convince the coaches.

Even the first notes let the public save and the jury also jumps to the smoked voice. While Michael Patrick Kelly and Mark Forster sound at the same time, there is a tough argument between the boys of the Fantas.

Smudo immediately wants to touch the red button to host the talent of the "Fanta" team, but Michi discovers that the performance "is not really legal".

In short, Taylor is definitely there with Paddy and Mark. But the other rocket-like candidate surprises the juries. "Yvonne, I am a fan of you," he reveals. The visually annoying singer: "I pressed inwards".

Battle between Michael Patrick Kelly and Mark Forster

Mark and Paddy friends make a fierce fight for Taylor. "You have an incredibly beautiful voice and soul," says Kelly. That the coach has abandoned his job, coaches think "brave". In the end, the friendly Rhinelander decides by Michael Patrick Kelly. We are curious about how Taylor hits the battles.

This is "The Voice of Germany"

"The Voice of Germany" is a German talents concert. The program is transmitted since 2011 by the television stations ProSieben and Sat.1.

The winners of the first seven seasons are Ivy Quainoo, Nick Howard, Andreas Kümmert, Charley Ann Schmutzler, Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, Tay Schmedtmann and Natia Todua.

That's how "The Voice of Germany" works: four phases

About 150 participants will be invited to the first phase of the television program, the so-called "blind audiences". Regarding the appearance of the candidates in front of the jury, there is a peculiarity: the members of the jury can only listen to the singers at the beginning. Only when they push a buzzer and they decide on a candidate, their chair automatically activates so they can see the candidate.

Each candidate has 90 seconds to sing a song and get at least one of the four jury members to press the buzzer and rotate. As soon as at least one member of the jury returned and thus gave the candidate his vote, he entered the next round.

Each candidate who reaches the next round will be assigned to one of the members of the jury as a coach for the next round (s). If several members of the jury return to the same candidate, this candidate can choose their coach for the following rounds.

Other stages: battles, sing-offs and live shows

As part of the so-called "Battles", two or three candidates from the same coaching group sing a song together. Only one of the candidates will continue after the respective coach's decision.

In the next round, the "Sing-Offs", each of the ten candidates of each coaching group will play a song, after the respective one selects its three participants.

In the final phase of the casting, the candidates compete with each other in their groups of coaches in concerts. Since the sixth season, the audience only decides the winner of live shows and, thus, the title "The voice of Germany".

These are the coaches in "The Voice"

Many outstanding musicians have worked as coaches in "The Voice of Germany" in recent years. Among them were Nena, Xavier Naidoo, Rea Garvey, The BossHoss, Max Herre, Samu Haber, Stefanie Dumpling and Andreas Bourani.

This year's jury is made up of Yvonne Catterfeld, Mark Forster, Michael Patrick Kelly, Michi Beck and Smudo from Fantastischen Vier.

Eighth season of "The Voice of Germany" this year

For the eighth time this year "The Voice of Germany" will be broadcast on ProSieben and Sat.1. The new season began on October 18 in ProSieben and on October 21 on Sat.1.


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