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VfB Stuttgart after the victory at 1. FC Nuremberg: a release – but also the turn? – VfB Stuttgart

By Gregory Preiss

In VfB Stuttgart, spirits return to Nuremberg. Was the 2: 0 change the good? At least this gives hope to the next tasks.

Stuttgart – The table is not known to lie. That is why VfB Stuttgart is behind the Bundesliga football field after the eleventh round. At first, the success of the first FC Nuremberg did not change anything. Eight points from eleven games, extrapolated, would be the end of season 25, are the balance of a decline.

The fact that VfB dropped from 17 to 18 in spite of the 2-0 win is another curiosity in this strange season of Stuttgart so far. After weeks in tabular steps, Fortune Dusseldorf took advantage of the weekend, because the promoted team won 4-1 against Hertha BSC. Previously, Fortunen had the red-white with sometimes higher flaws on the table to raise the goal difference.

If the situation in the basement was not so serious, you could almost laugh at it.

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The situation is still serious. But, at least, not so threatening. The team coach Markus Weinzierl did not ditch for the Bundesliga midfielder even more. Because the goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler said: "Victory came at the right time." Given the success of the Dusseldorf and Hannover competition, and also before the next international jump. And, of course, with respect to the possible atmospheric consequences of another defeat, which does not even think. In this regard, the 2: 0 was a first step to get out of the crisis. No more nor less. A bat of liberation. But was it also the turn of the century?

Nobody at the camp of happy, but not victorious Stuttgart liked it. For good reason. A lot of football is still in trouble. From a dangerous and ordered attack game, the VfB was still a few distances from the Franconia area. And that despite the fact that the club turned out to be the weakest opponent of this season.

Program of heavy rest until the winter break

"First of all the opponent", goal-scorer Erik Thommy responded to the issue of the raises of the contest. In the remaining games until the winter break, starting with the first leg at Bayer Leverkusen on November 23, Cannstatter will surely have to have a greater opposition.

But this is definitely true: Weinzierl and his team started the change. Given the desperate situation in which the team went after three losses and 0:11 goals, the appearance of Nuremberg was anything, of course. After 20 minutes, the guests had their opponents under control (when it was the last time?) And in the end they obtained a well-deserved victory.

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Because the changes in the defense finally turned out to be profitable. The return to the back four with a strong Andreas Beck right back. And with Marc Oliver Kempf as a counterpart in the left corner, who after starting the difficulties, got in a decent opening in the shirt with the chest ring. And because Timo Baumgartl as well as Benjamin Pavard as the center's left defender lifted delicate memories of the bulwark of the second round. "Finally we were compact again. That was the basis," said Christian Gentner. The impending return of the wounded Anastasios Donis and Daniel Didavi could also breathe new life into the offensive.

The veterans go ahead

The captain burned the place so much that the referee Michael Meusch would need an extra portion of detergent to return the jersey again to pure white. Other Canaanites, such as Andreas Beck and Dennis Aogo, seem to understand the seriousness of the situation. "We always know our responsibility," Gentner said. In Nuremberg, they were also fair.

Also the bank, especially the team of coaching around Weinzierl, lived the fight against the decline on the sidelines. Rarely saw an exciting and so vibrant VfB comedian. The dead team is not dead. And it was not. Even the 10,000 fans who traveled with them made close ties with their favorites no later than the final whistle.

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And that's the Altintop effect: Just the new acts in the training team, responsible for the special training of singing balls and free kicks, began the works, they already achieve the goals of Stuttgart with their first season standards. Although it was only the second ball after a corner. "This can be a weapon for us because we have the players," said Ron-Robert Zieler. The work of Halil Altintop is a "puzzle of many."

To stay in the photo: after eleven days, VfB Stuttgart still has a lot of fragment. The contours of a team on the way back to the old Stronger but at least they can be seen.

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