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Ahitsoglu: the 120 dose setting will continue normally

Labor Minister Efi Ahitsoglu speaks in the newsletter ANT1 and Nikos Hatzinikolaou clarifying that the 120 benefits will work without problems.

It also explains what will be done with retrospect and raising the minimum wage.

"The regulation of debts to the Insurance Funds in up to 120 places will proceed as expected," said the minister, stating that the regulation would include basic haircuts of the debt, 85% of payments and balance payments up to 120 installments, with a minimum contribution € 50

"It is a regulation that will alleviate many people who are in the retirement age and, due to their debts, they can not retire. This configuration will allow them to significantly reduce the debt, set it up and obtain a pension," he added.

He also explained that the regulation would treat the self-employed, the self-employed and the unemployed, the citizens who closed their books and accumulated a debt they wanted to regulate. "At the same time, we look at the possibility that it also affects companies as regards the contribution of entrepreneurs. We have not yet reached this, it is one of those technical details that are still pending," Mrs. Atschigoglu said.

With regard to the minimum wage, the Minister of Labor indicated that the law is clear: "Normally, they increase three years increasing the minimum wage. That is, the three-year periods that had been formed for 2012 will increase normally," he said, pointing out that Companies that pay mainly to workers with a minimum wage – small and microenterprises – not to the exporting companies, with the increase of the minimum wage in a positive way.

According to Ms. Ahitsoglu, this happened "because they saw that this increase could stimulate consumption, domestic demand and, ultimately, work positively and propelently for the economy and for themselves. Small and medium-sized companies have a positive response," he repeated.

Among other things, he argued that the increase in the minimum wage has no impact on the level of employment. As indicated, the February data show a positive response to the labor market. "The recruitment and retirement balance is positive and employment creation registered some 15,000," he added. The Minister of Labor also said that for the first time, a housing policy in the country is under construction. "We are ready to start receiving the rent. In the coming days the online platform will open," he added, adding the measures to protect the first house, which is subsidizing the mortgage loan installment.

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