Friday , January 22 2021

Bakoyannis: proposes the integration of the Museum-Polytechnic – "Acropolis"

"After 9 years of systematic work in the Local Government, people know who they are, I demand the trust of citizens. I do not request an appointment," said Mayor of Athens K. Bakoyannis.

In an interview with Kathimerini on Sunday, he responded to his name's criticism: "To limit criticisms to my face, my origin is cheaper and insulting for the hundreds of thousands of citizens who have entrusted me over the years to serve."

Mr. Bakoyannis considers that there are many powers that do not exercise sufficiently, and emphasizes that "the culture of everyday life is exclusively the work of the city council" and that, although it has no competition, "I will close the well and let me open it, it will change to Lamp to a patio and let it get out. "

He reiterated his opposition to the simple proportional to the municipalities, and added that, as a candidate, he would present a costly operational program requesting the approval of citizens and if he chose to deposit it in the first municipal council.

It is committed to the issue of drugs in favor of the creation of "closed areas of controlled and supervised use" and in favor of the application of laws and rules to refugees and immigrants without being marginalized.

Mr. Bakoyannis proposes to unify the facilities of the National Archaeological Museum with the historic Polytechnic building and the renovated "Acropolis" hotel in an "oasis of civilization in the center of Athens."

He explained that it refers to the "extension of the Museum in Metsovo, where today is the Architecture".

In the observation that the Polytechnic "is the heart of the state of Exarchia," he replied that "at some point we have to decide that we can not hostage little by little and to the extreme," adding that he will open a dialogue with the governing authorities and the parties involved. "We will highlight the historicity of the building that is also associated with the 1973 uprising. Suppose we finally assume our responsibility. " This interference will have a huge benefit for public safety and economies. resp Cool ".

Regarding the observation that "this is not done with a SYRIZA government," he replied: "he is not tired of saying" it is not possible. "Reconciliation with stagnation is the resignation, obviously not easy, but we have to fight all this together if we want to have urban revitalization ".

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