Tuesday , October 19 2021

Both Tsipras and Kotzias are good patriots – Newsbeast


Cypriot president Nikos Anastasiadis at a news conference tonight avoided commenting on the resignation of Kotzia to the Greek Foreign Ministry and whether this and the control of the ministry by Tsipras are a "breakthrough".

"I would not like to comment much and compare if Mr. Kotzias is more appropriate than Mr. Tsipras. I think patriots are equally good," Mr Anastasiades said, according to the correspondent of the Athens News Agency.

Asked how often he is communicating with Mevlott Tsavousoglou and communicating with some in Turkey if something happens in the EEZ, he replied that his meeting in New York with Mr. Tsavousoglou had been resolved at the Kotzia and Tsavousoglou meeting, "as the Turkish Foreign Minister sent a message he wanted us to sell. We have met Mr. Tsavousoglou since 2005, but this is the second time we are talking about the Cyprus problem, "said Mr. Anastasiades.

He also said that his proposal for decentralization of powers "creates a sense of security for the Turkish Cypriots, eliminates the persistence of a positive vote in all decisions, but also eliminates the claims of Turkey to maintain the guarantee and the invasive rights to protect Turkish Cypriots arbitrarily, decisions of the Greek Cypriots. "

Responding to a relevant question, President Anastasiades said that "if a solution is found, there will be no Turkish-Cypriot EEZ."

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