Tuesday , July 27 2021

Ergotelis-PAOK 1-2 Soccer: Greek Cup

The Greek Cups "played with fire", but with the maximum Diego Biseshev managed to win (1-2) against the very good Ergotelis for 2h Game of the teams of the Greek Cup.

The Bicentennial was presented at the Heraklion Pantheon, with many forced changes, in the absence of international and injured Viernia, he had many "dead" points in his game, although he could open the score in advance, with the wonderful end of Diego Bisegard (10 & #) 39;).

PAOK had El Canturi and Dutch two good moments in the first half against a highly competitive Ergotelis, who threatened the tie at 63 when Burselis launched the ball to Ray's vertical beam.

Razvan Lutscheu, seeing the weakness of the midfielder, especially the unfinished Maurizio, to meet the demands of the party, the right side with Matos and Zambas on the playing field, passed Kania and Sachoff into play, while his inertia Ray led the equalizer by Ergotelis. Eford defeated the ball before the Argentine goalkeeper and in a defensive home Iadroudis tied 1-1 (68 ').

The 75th, Leo Matsos in a vacant goal could not send the ball to the Kalogeraki network, but from the same point the advance of Ponts Vernblum, from the center of Bisesvar, did not fail and with his head scored his first goal with the " black and white "walking 1-2 (79 & # 39;).

Referee: Stefanos Koumparakis.

Ergotelis (N. Papavassiliou) : Kalogerakis, Mousoulouxis (46 & Brusi), Economou, Batziou, Yakoumpos, Kozoronis, Tselios, Boursesis (79 "Kavidis), Robithis, Iatroudis, Eford.

PAOK (P. Loutsetsou): King, Matsos, Hatcheridis, Weeds, Kitsiou, Vernblum, Maurizio (63 "Kanias), Zambas (63" Sachoff), Bisesvar (87 "Krespo"), El Canturi,

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