Friday , June 18 2021

Hard start for AEK against Bayern Munich

AEK went to the last training session in the impressive Allianz Arena before the great confrontation with Bayern Munich for the fourth group of the Champions League.

The Union is in the Bavarian capital with an even more difficult task than it did in the previous game, since the appetites of the Germans are unfortunate, with most of them wanting a "dominant victory", as Joshua Kimmich has heard.

"Tiago is not ready, yesterday Hamme and Robben did not train. Arien could not play, with Hamme waiting to see if he could train. In the game with Freiburg, Robben told me he had knee problems and that's why he made a change. No damage, but I hope it is repaired and ready for Saturday, "said Bayern coach Nikko Kovacs. We recall that the Bavarians are staying in Dortmund on Saturday afternoon in Westphalia.

The slogan that AEK will leave behind the bad image of the derby with Panathinaikos and fight to compete in the great game with Bayern was given by Marinos Ouzounidis at the press conference that he gave a day before the game. By admitting the difficulties of fighting with such a qualitative team and setting the objective of presenting the competitiveness of the "Union", he did not rule out the possibility of making changes to his plan.

The mission of AEK is: Barkas, Tsintotas, Ginis, Bakakis, Galo, Lampropoulos, Tsosic, Tsigrinski, Sharna, Hoult, Simoes, Galanopoulos, Moran, Alef, Mandalos, Gianniotas, Clonaridis, Yousis, Pose, Boege, Yakoumakis.

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