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Provision of insurance coverage to NFPA employees and freelance insured and the unemployed

According to circulation Φ.40021 / pet.9491 / 737/2019 of the Ministry of the Interior, Working, you know that for the concession or renewal of the NFPA's insurance capacity. to the insured and unemployed and their relatives for the period between March 1, 2019 and February 29, 2020, a legal provision has already been drawn up and promoted, which provides that:

1). Workers insured with EMF will be insured with at least fifty (50) insurance days, either in the previous calendar year (2018) or in the last 12 months prior to the date of occurrence or occurrence of the insurance risk and self-employed workers ( 2) months of insurance in the previous calendar year (2018) or in the last 12 months prior to the date of arrival or provided they pay the minimum insurance contributions provided by the provisions of Law 4387/2016 and the relevant Ministerial decisions, or in the case of Debt, has been reimbursed or settled and quotas are paid. In this last case, the insurance capacity is renewed per month.

2). For employees of companies called "GRECIA SA", "SHIPPING OF SKARAMAGGAS", Naval construction area of ​​Perama and Elefsina Shipyards, rider riders, learning pilots, horse trainers, persons belonging to the NFPA insurance as members of the Board Administration based on your own. d of paragraph 3 of article 38 of Law 4387/1916 and persons included within the scope of paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 10 of July 26, ratified by article 3 of Law 4576/2018 for the period between 1/3 / 2019 and 29/2/2020, the people who were subject to the authorization of Ministerial Decision No. 445 of Law 4578/2018 provide sickness benefits in kind, and their families, without the need to complete insurance days.

3). For the former OEEEE insured and the former ETTA, who used the provisions of the case. A and B of the subsection. A3, the first article of Law 4254/1414, as well as the elderly without insurance of c. 5 subp. IA6 of the first article of Law No. 4093/2012, which used the provisions of subp. A3 C of the first article of Law 4254/144, the insurance cover for benefits in kind extends until 29/2/2020.

4). For unemployed people between 29 and 55 who have used the provisions of paragraph 4 of article 5 of Law 2768/1999 modified and in force, coverage of sickness insurance in kind extends until February 29, 2020.

5). Unemployed members of the former OAEE over the age of 30 and up to 67 years (instead of 65 years) who ceased their occupation, made use of the provisions of paragraph 8 of the second article of Law 3845/2010 and Appendix A. A3 of the first article of Law 4254/144 and remain unemployed and not insured, sickness insurance coverage in kind extends until February 29, 2020.

6). For the insured of the old OGA that have outstanding social security quotas, they are entitled to an insurance capacity if the competent Financial Responsibility Committees have made the decision of paragraph 6 of article 14 of Law 2458/1997 provided that this decision is.

The circular addressed to EMPA, EDIKA and OPECA, concludes:

«Until the completion of the relevant legislative process, immediately inform the competent authorities to renew the insurance capacity to the NFIC insurance holders mentioned above.
Once the legislative process is completed, you will receive a new informed document.
Finally, we know that the self-employed (and members of their family) who until 27-2-2019 have requested the optional continuation of the insurance regime in accordance with article 37 of Law 4387/2016, are insured until 30 -9-2019 .
Likewise, the provisions on the provision of insurance coverage for health benefits in kind to unemployed continue to apply.

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