Thursday , July 29 2021

Samsung stands out with the 30 CES 2019 Innovation awards

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in technology, announced that 30 of its product innovations were distinguished in the CES® 2019 Innovation Awards, including two "Best of Innovations" awards.

This recognized institution distinguishes products and services with excellent design and advanced technology engineering.

The awards include the legacy of Samsung in the development of innovative innovations that drive the evolution of the industry. This year, Samsung awards cover a number of categories, such as screens, fitness, sports and biotechnology, wireless mobile accessories, smart home, virtual and augmented reality, PC equipment, components and peripherals, image and sound in the automobile, and Sustainability and eco-design.

"We have invested a lot in the 5G, IoT and AI sectors in recent years, and it is a great honor for us to acknowledge our firm commitment to helping consumers and the industry do what they could not do to date," said Tim Baxter, president . and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America. "I am very proud of the team's creativity, driving force and innovative vision to bring the best solutions to the market."

The CES Innovation Awards are sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the owner and organizer of the CES report. Many of the Samsung's recognized products will appear at CES 2019, which will take place from January 8 to 11, 2019 at the Samsung showroom (# 15006), located at the Las Vegas Central Conference Center. Some products will appear at CES 2019 Innovation Awards, located at the Venetian Resort Hotel, Level 2 at the Venetian Ballroom E / F.

Some of the award-winning products are:

Samsung Galaxy Note9: It has long been recognized that the Galaxy Note series incorporates the latest Samsung innovations. The extremely powerful Galaxy Note9 is based on these fundamentals as it is a premium smart phone with powerful daily performance. With a powerful full-day battery, a new S pen with low-power Bluetooth connectivity, Samsung's smartest camera to date and up to a third of storage space, the Galaxy Note 9 is the phone that is as powerful as it can for to respond successfully to the busy lifestyle.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, the Android tablet of 2 in 1, is designed for people who want to do more on the move and helps the user to work more intelligently as they continue to work at the highest levels. With Samsung DeX, the most durable battery, the elegant S Pen and four AKG speakers, this new tablet offers greater ease of productivity and more immersive entertainment – at any time and anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: a powerful smartwatch for those who want it and at the same time want to look good in all its activities. Thanks to its long autonomy and connectivity, LTE gives consumers a truly autonomous experience. With a registered trademark, a rotating crown and a variety of style options, this is a smart watch that looks like a traditional smart watch. With a total of 39 sports and activities, as well as new sleep and anxiety management functions, the powerful smartwatch keeps consumers focused on their health and fitness goals.

Cordless Duo Charger – This is a combination of the wireless charging bracket for fast charging and charging of wireless charging. Fast charging of 2 in 1 allows users to charge the phone quickly with another phone that is compatible with Qi or use at the same time, reducing the need to use the cables each time they charge the batteries of the device while the device is integrated. The base It provides easy access to the mobile screen.

Samsung DeX – Samsung DeX offers PC simulator experience users directly from your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. This can be done simply by connecting the mobile phone to an external display or by changing a configuration on the Galaxy Tab S4. DeX allows users to use the phone or the table such as a touch panel or a touch pad. In addition, DeX offers a dual mode so that users can continue to use the phone or tablet while working on the external screen, whether they are in a video chat or are planning and taking notes. Note 9 users can also use SPen to change the slides while using the DeX feature on a larger screen.

SmartThings Tracker: a small and lightweight GPS tracking device that connects through an LTE-M network that helps people track faster and more precisely what matters most. Whether it's a school bag or a pet that can be away from home, everything can be easily detected in real time through the Samsung SmartThings application, available on Android and compatible iOS devices. In addition, family members can use SmartThings Tracker to stay connected by sending a notice of their location to the SmartThings application, which then alerts the other members of their situation. In addition, if the device is compatible with the SmartThings application, the SmartThings Tracker can be used as an arrival sensor by activating automation, such as lighting a light connected to the input when the device is within range.

Samsung Galaxy A6: For those who want even more of a smartphone more accessible, the Galaxy A6 has a screen immersive, a powerful camera and a new level of convenience. With the Super AMOLED Infinity screen, providing bright and rich color content and support for up to 400GB of storage space, Galaxy A6 offers a lot of space for videos, music and files. With the front and back camera of 16MP, users can capture images and self-tunning. The rear camera lens diaphragm F1.7 helps ensure that the photos are light and clear in low light conditions.

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