Wednesday , October 20 2021

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Climate change is the last seen in the world Peter Mandallo, which he accepted hard reviews, even "yellow-black" media, after its new moderate appearance toward Panathinaikos. Now, however, there is support for its leader AEK and that is reflected in current team reports.

In fact, while his intention was leaked for the first time Ouzounidis Marines to leave the Greeks in an attempt to "shake it"Now the Greek coach seems to want to" resurrect "the player changing position e paper inside the stadium.

The Union coach is thinking very seriously about going to the ass of the twentieth century, thinking that this way can take her as much psychologically as well as races.

In fact, as it is written, Ouzounidis Marines He intends to use enough behind him Peter Mandallo, not near the stop, but next Coasts Galanopoulos, how "octa", Instead of possibly André Simoes, that does not deliver the expected results in any way, but surely it will not stay in the team.

Of course, this position is not unknown to him Peter Mandallo. There he played Xanthi with the coach again Marina Ouzounidis. However, as we mentioned in the past, the Greek is not … it's crazy to come back and assume suspend duties.

On the other hand, in the game situation that is now the player, it is difficult to play more advanced, such as "ten"That is, it will be like"crime"This movement, though Ouzounidis Marines He will not do it, since he prefers the aggressor to put different players (see Clonaridis).

However, it should be noted that this idea of ​​exploiting it Peter Mantalou to hacks Sailors Ouzounidis It has been since the summer, but because the player preferred to play on the wings that he had not done so far.

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