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Strike November 14, 2018: Who catches the eye with the mobilization of ADEDY – Dikaiologitika News

ADEDIA with the strike in the state, requests increases of salaries and pensions, abolition of the law of Catastrogas, gradual rehabilitation of all pensions, tax-free 12,000 euros, abolition of ENΦICE, reduction of VAT rates to 15%, recruitment of personnel permanent, modification Gerovasilis (article 24A of Law 4396/2016) for the evaluation. As for the MMMs, no association announced the participation in the strike, and in the IOC, in particular, the professors of Gymnasia and Lyceum do not participate in the mobilization.

In particular, ADEDY, with the announcement of the strike, states:

"Increases in salaries and pensions. Calculation of the two years 2016 and 2017 in wage evolution. A new salary for 2019, which will gradually restore income, will increase the injustices and restore the 13th and 14th salary.

Abolition of the Law of Catrugal (Law 4387/16) on insurance. Gradual rehabilitation of all pensions. No tribute to 12,000 euros. Remove ENFIA. Reduces VAT rates up to 15%.

Hiring permanent staff to cover all organizational gaps (Education, Health, Local Government, Social Security, Social Services, etc.). Abolition of flexible, hired and rotated work. Permanent and stable work for all.

Expansion, increase and non-retraction of any worker from the dangerous and unhealthy work allowance he receives today. Extension of the institution of a heavy-unhealthy state to the State with favorable regulation in retirement and working hours. Obtención de medidas de salud y seguridad en los lugares de trabajo.

Repeal of the Gerovassilis amendment (article 24A of Law 4396/2016) for evaluation. The strike-abstinence continues. The assessment should not be punitive, not linked to the development of qualification and salary, without leading to resignation, but rather to improve the capacity for training and lifelong learning. To be taken into account only for the selection of executives in the State with measurable objective criteria, which will be put to the right person in the indicated place.

Not in the privatization of public organizations, social services and commercialization of social goods. Not in the transfer of goods public to the Supermarket. Increase in social spending in Health, Education, Insurance, Social Protection and the Environment.

Can not auction housing and people's goods for workers who prove they can not pay.

Remove the 50% + 1 provision for a strike decision.

Elimination of all memorandum laws ".

OLME participates in the strike launched by ADEDY 14/11


Defend the public-social and redistributive insurance system while maintaining and improving retirement benefits and age limits among humans

Defend public school

Immediate lecture appointments by permanent teachers to meet all public education needs

Balance of dignity with gradual recovery of losses and inadequate progression of salary classification

Increase spending on education to 5% of GDP

Public school free of 14 years with education and pre-school education of 2 years directly in all the country

Equal deputy and permanent rights

Strike on November 14 for the Federation of Employee Associations of Lawyers

The Pan-Aegean Federation of Associations of Entrepreneurs of Lawyers announced its participation in the 24-hour Panhelénica strike on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, announced by ADEDY.

As they say they attack and protest "for trying to change our work relationships and the risk of losing our guaranteed, safe and pension rights".

Normally, tomorrow, the OASTH routes in spite of the ADEDY strike

The OASTH routes will normally take place tomorrow, November 14, 2018, despite the national strike announced by ADEDY.

As it turned out to be known, the OASTH Workers' Union did not make any decisions about their participation in the strike. As a result, all the planned routes of the Organization will be carried out properly.

At the center of the mobilization announced for tomorrow by ADEDY are issues of salaries and insurances of public officials.

The strike takes place because, as indicated in a relevant announcement, "the contacts with the competent ministers were ineffective. Requests for economic improvement were dealt with with a memorandum of understanding, as the Finance Minister said that the budget for 2019 is 800 million and not enough for Tsipra's ads on TIF. "

Marvelous movement tomorrow in the public health structures

With security personnel, public health structures will work tomorrow, with doctors and nurses who decide for a 24-hour strike.

The Federation of the Association of Hospitals and Physicians of Greece (OENGE), among other things, demands compensation and salaries restoration at 2012 levels, massive recruitment of full-time and full-time permanent doctors, human hours 5 days-6 hours – 30 hours -1 hour of attention per week and rest day the next day, strengthening the public health system.

The Panheennique Federation of Workers in Public Hospitals (POEDIN) will hold a conference of 10:00 a.m. outside of the Ministry of Health, claiming that the Public Health and Health Units should be eliminated from the Privatization Superfundation, wage increases, the maintenance and expansion of the unhealthy subsidy, the inclusion in the SAE, the increase in public health expenses in the average of European Union countries recruitment of permanent staff, Recovery of Memorandum losses. "


At 11:00 the strikers plan a protest in Klaathmonos Square.

The same day there will be mobilizations and some federations controlled by PAME, but the peso will fall into the GSEE concentration on November 28.

In Thessaloniki, the following protest is expected:

At 10:00 in the morning, members of PAME will meet at 10:00 on the statue of Venizelos.

At the same time, the Primary Partnerships in Kamara. At 11:00 a.m., EDTG members will meet at the Thessaloniki Labor Center.

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