Friday , June 18 2021

"The mayor of Thessaloniki returns to be object of extreme elements"


The vandalism in the house of the mayor of Thessaloniki, Yannis Boutaris, is condemned by the deputy minister of the Interior, responsible for the cases of Macedonia-Thrace, Katerina Netopoulou, speaking of extreme elements that try to intimidate the mayor and the Republic.

"After the thunderous and fascist attack against Mayor Yiannis Boutaris a few months ago, the mayor of Thessaloniki has become the subject of extreme elements that attempt to attack Yannis Boutaris and Democracy," he says.

The Deputy Minister adds that "obviously they are not indignant citizens." While political forces and democratic citizens allow or tolerate such far-right behaviors, fascism will threaten to invade the margins of history. "

Last update: Thursday November 8, 2018, 05:57

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